The Chinese leader and The United States gets into an heated argument over Taiwan

Chinese leader

The United States strongly oppose any unilateral movements to change the island’s status. This caused a heated conversation that lasted for more than two hours.

The united states policy on Taiwan has not changed. The Chinese leader Beijing told Mr Xi, to inform Mr Biden to follow the one-china principle. He warns that whoever plays with fire gets burnt. In the past, he gave a sound warning that whoever encourages Taiwan’s independence will be playing with fire.

United states house of representatives speaker wants to visit Taiwan, this was a rumoured plan ahead of the visit. The state department said the speaker has not announced any travel but china has warned of serious consequences if she proceeds with the visit to Taiwan.

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Mr Biden as of last week told the US reporters that the Chinese rhetoric against such a trip is unhelpful and unnecessary. The president did not see enough reasons for the threat.

Chinese leader

Ms Pelosi would be the highest-ranking United States politician who made travelled to Taiwan since 1997. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province that must become part of the country. The Chinese leaders have not ruled out the possible use of force in achieving this. They are keen and serious about the issue as they don’t want other countries’ interference if see, a looming war about to happen.

The two leaders were said to discuss climate change and health security apart from the issue in Taiwan.
If the US did not heed what the Chinese leader said, then they are putting the country at risk of danger and it may be the start of a war for both of them. On a call that lasted for more than two hours, the only words laid ahead were a word of threat. The united states are careful not to start a ruse that could result in a massive war.

The true meaning of war: Chinese leader lay claim to Taiwan

The Chinese leader claimed Taiwan because they see it as part of them. Drastic steps cannot be taken unless Taiwan stands up for itself. China is a very big country with lots of weapons and they are ready to stand against anybody. They said no one should liberate Taiwan from them, it is part of them.

The Chinese leaders somehow may have what they are gaining from Taiwan, however, to about a sudden war and disclosure of public weapons, the united states must take things easy. The united states on the other hand is a powerful country that can melt out discipline to any country but they need to be careful since they want public peace.

The unity of the country should be the foresight of both countries. Threats are already given and I believe the Chinese will back up their threat if the united states did not head to the warning. Taiwan may not be liberated but left under the Chinese leader to ensure there is no outbreak of war.

War is seen as a distortion of public peace and unity. The beginning of the war crisis may be known but its end thereof may be a disaster, public peace and unity should be promoted. Constant crises and warnings should be heeded to promote a peaceful nation. In the then war that happened years ago which was the second world war, we see how many things were destroyed and people died.

Many children were rendered orphans, so many parents were rendered childless. The chaotic war result in every country battling for how they will rise and now that they have risen, no war should be heard starting again.

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