Steven Gerrard sacked from Aston Villa’s manager role after 3-0 loss to fulham

Steven Gerrard sacked from Aston Villa

Steven Gerrard sacked from Aston Villa.

Former Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard was dismissed from his position as manager of Villa after the club’s 3-0 loss to Fulham on Thursday night. Gerrard had taken over at Villa Park in November of last year. Villa has just two wins in the Premier League so far this season.

After barely 11 months in charge of the English club, Steven Gerrard has been terminated from his position as manager of Aston Villa

There has been speculation that former Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino may take over at Villa Park. However, it is unclear if any of these managers could be persuaded to take the job. The dismissal of Steven Gerrard was made public almost immediately after his team lost 3-0 to Fulham. This was Aston Villa’s sixth loss in only 11 Premier League matches, this was a pretty bad stat.

Steven Gerrard sacked from Aston Villa
Steven Gerrard sacked from Aston Villa

Following the conclusion of the game, a statement was issued that read: “The Aston Villa Football Club is able to inform you that head coach Steven Gerrard has resigned with immediate effect from his position at the club.

The ex-Liverpool player took over for Dean Smith as manager of the English club Aston Villa Park in last year November 2021, but he only remained in that role for a little over a year before becoming the fourth manager in the Premier League to be fired this season, behind some other notable coaches such as Thomas Tuchel, Scott Parker, and Wolverhampton’s Bruno Lage.

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In the immediate aftermath of Villa’s crushing defeat in southwest London, Gerrard acknowledged that he was in a “really tough situation.” Gerrard vowed that he would not step down from his position, but the board of directors at Villa moved quickly to get rid of him and he had no option but to comply.

In the press conference after the game, Gerrard said, “I’ve been sending messages to the supporters over the last several weeks because I obviously feel their displeasure and their sorrow.”

“I am a person who is trustworthy. I am aware that they are not having fun with it at the moment; I can assure you that I am not; thus, we will have to see what occurs next. However, both you and I are aware that I am now in an extremely challenging circumstance.

Our performance was far from what we expected. I can empathise with the disappointment of the supporters since it was such a departure from how we seemed during the weekend. We find ourselves in a very tough situation, and I find myself here to answer some challenging questions because the truth is that the club’s status is not satisfactory.

“Those choices are outside of my sphere of influence. As someone who has spent a significant amount of time in football, I am familiar with the circumstances and won’t try to gloss over them or provide anybody with misleading information. I intend to be as forthright as I possibly can.

“Going ahead, we will watch to see what unfolds. But playing football is in my blood, and quitting is definitely not, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for me in that regard.”

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