Sony Music Publishing establishes a presence in Nigeria and employs Godwin Tom as managing director

Sony Music Publishing

Sony Music Publishing, a global music publishing industry, has announced the launch of a new office in Lagos, Nigeria, to expand its activities across Africa. In light of this, Godwin Tom, a creative executive, has been named Managing Director of Sony Music Publishing, reporting to Guy Henderson, President, International.

As the president of Sony Music Publishing’s Nigeria division, Godwin will manage the company’s growth in Africa, where it hopes to expand its portfolio of songwriters and composers.

“I am honoured and humbled by the opportunity to work with the world’s No. 1 music publisher,” Godwin said about his new position. Africa has so much skill, culture, and originality to offer the rest of the world, and I am excited to be a part of the incredible global network of teams that will help build a home for Africa’s best songwriters.”


Guy Henderson, International President of Sony Music Publishing, stated, “It is a tremendous joy to announce hiring Godwin Tom as the Managing Director of our start-up firm in Nigeria.” As Sony Music Publishing expands throughout West Africa, Godwin’s depth of expertise and market understanding, as well as his background in music industry education, make him the ideal leader for our company. Sony Music Publishing looks forward to expanding its worldwide African footprint in collaboration with our excellent staff in South Africa.”

Godwin Tom has almost twenty years of expertise in the African music industry. He has established contacts with key parties in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.
Godwin has also helped to nurture future industry leaders by establishing the Music Business Academy for Africa, an e-learning platform committed to teaching the next generation of music and entertainment professionals. He will use his knowledge of expertise to assist Sony Music Publishing in expanding its presence in Africa.

Brief about Sony Music Publishing

Sony Music Publishing is the world’s largest music publishing firm, with the most extensive library of songs.
Furthermore, Sony Music Publishing (previously Sony/ATV Music Publishing) is the world’s largest music publisher, with over five million works owned or controlled as of March 31, 2021. It is situated in the United States and is part of the Sony Music Group, which Sony Entertainment owns.

The combination of the initial iteration of Sony Music Publishing entertainer Michael Jackson-owned restaurant Michael Jackson resulted in the formation of Sony/ATV in 1995. In 1985, Jackson bought ATV Music, which contained the Lennon-McCartney song collection.

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