Sky Sports Issues An Apology Following Anti-Royal Family Shouts And Banners At The St Mirren-Celtic Match

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Sky Sports apologized to viewers when shouts for the Queen were heard during a minute’s silence at a Scottish Premiership match. At the SMISA Stadium on Sunday, anti-monarchy songs could be heard throughout St. Mirren and Celtic game. A group of Celtic fans held up a sign that read, “If you despise the Royal family, clap your hands,” with a related chant in the background.

Sky Sports Apology To The Viewers

The match was broadcast on Sky Sports, and commentator Ian Crocker expressed regret to anyone who the chanting may have hurt. He stated that they sincerely apologize if anything they said offended us and that most folks were respectful, but others weren’t.


At the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth II passed away earlier this month at her Balmoral residence in Scotland. The 70-year reign of Her Majesty as the monarch of the UK came to an end with her death. The current head of state for the UK and the Commonwealth is King Charles III, son of the Queen. After Monday’s official funeral, the nation’s current period of national mourning in honour of the Queen’s life and service will come to an end. Millions of people, including well-known football players, have paid Her Majesty respect.

Sky sport

However, not everyone supports the monarchy, and some people have expressed their opinions during this time. That includes the Celtic fan base, which displayed a banner reading “f*** the crown” during their previous European match against Shakhtar Donetsk. Public opinion has been split over the acts of the aforementioned Celtic fans. While some consider the banners and slogans insulting during this time of national sorrow, others say that individuals who support the monarchy have every right to resist it.

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou asked fans to observe the moment of silence for the Queen before Sunday’s game against St. Mirren. Due to their banner against Shakhtar, the Glasgow club is the target of UEFA disciplinary action.

At his pre-game press conference on Friday afternoon, Postecoglou remarked that he has the same message to their fans that they always have and they will follow the rules, as he indicated before the game [against Shakhtar].
According to Postecoglou, they will uphold all of their duties and responsibilities as a football club, for which he believes there will be a minute of applause on Sunday. He also said they will carry out that with respect and they expect the same of their fans.

Postecoglou went on to say that he won’t be speaking for anyone else’s supporters and he will take care of their team, and their fans. He continued that as he has stated, he will take whatever action is necessary and will do so, as a football club.

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