Sir Jim Ratcliffe Pointed Out “Stupid Money,” Signing As The Source Of Manchester United’s problems

sir jim ratcliffe

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in Britain, has declared his interest in buying Manchester United from its current owners, the Glazers, after old remarks he made about the Red Devils’ team surfaced.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe Declared Interest In Buying Man Utd

When asked about his interest in purchasing United, Ratcliffe’s representative told The Times: “If the club is for sale, Jim is clearly a potential buyer. If anything like this was possible, we would be interested in discussing with a view to long-term ownership


Ratcliffe already has experience owning a football club, since his business Ineos purchased outfit Nice in Ligue 1. The Mirror exclusively reported three years ago that the tycoon did not see value in the market for English sides.
“After evaluating the expense involved and the necessary investment, he chose Nice over Premier League clubs with whom he was in negotiations,” a 69-year-old business acquaintance claimed. Ratcliffe has built a structure at the top of the French side that lays a strong emphasis on excellent recruitment, something he has previously criticized United for failing to achieve.

In fact, Ratcliffe singled out one player in particular as an excellent example of the irresponsible manner the Red Devils have spent money in recent years.

In 2019, Ratcliffe told the Times, “They didn’t get the manager selection right, and they didn’t buy well. As you can see with players like Fred, they have been the foolish money”.

Since Ferguson left, United has made enormous expenditures and, to put it frankly, has performed poorly. Honestly, it’s shockingly subpar. Here, we’re taking a different tack in an effort to be somewhat knowledgeable about it. Make an effort to find youthful talent at a more local level.

Manchester United performed incredibly miserably and have been disoriented.” As Ratcliffe implies, the club has made a lot of dubious acquisitions since Ferguson. In Fred’s case, United paid a stunning £52 million to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2018 to bring the Brazilian to Old Trafford under Jose Mourinho’s leadership. Even though he has consistently been there for the team, it would be dishonest to argue that he has lived up to that price tag.

sir jim ratcliffe

As for Ratcliffe, even though he attempted to purchase United’s archrival, Chelsea, earlier this year, any news of a bid from him would be enthusiastically received by Red Devils supporters eager to get rid of the Glazers. Ratcliffe admitted in May that he actually has two allegiances. “When I lived in London for a very long time, I could go watch Chelsea, but it was rather difficult to go watch United.

Yes, I do understand that (the demand that he buy United), but Manchester United is not up for sale, he continued. That could change shortly, as stories circulate that the Glazers are becoming irritated.

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