“She intends to kill me,” Kemi Afolabi shouts Doris Simeon

Kemi Afolabi

The actress Doris Simeon, who is in the United States for Lupus treatment, was given a special day out by the fair-skinned actress. The actress Doris Simeon, who mostly resides in the United States, surprised Kemi Afolabi with a special supper. Kemi Afolabi expressed her gratitude to Doris for the thoughtful gesture on her Instagram account. Doris Simon was called out for overfeeding her while knowing she was on a diet.

“@doris simeon_, finish me off with food.” I’m also on a diet.” Mercy Aigbe was said to have given her unwell colleague, Kemi Afolabi, and her daughter a beautiful meal.

Kemi Afolabi thanked Mercy for the thoughtful gesture by sharing clips from the memorable event with a statement expressing her gratitude to the actress for staying by her through thick and thin. Kemi Afolabi penned You’ll just drive yourself insane trying to figure out why some things happened the way they did, so let it go… especially if you have no control over it. Put your faith ONLY in God.

Oremii @realmercyaigbe, your epistle isn’t due today, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin on this road, love you Incoming Alahaja Minnah. Thank you again for today’s delicious meal. Following the special supper, she had them accommodated in a seven-star hotel, as shown in the films below.


Kemi Afolabi also hoped that her narrative and popularity would never be reduced to wearing rags or begging for bread. Kemi Afolabi wished herself many years of goodwill, good health, and well-being in an Instagram post. It also recalls Kemi Afolabi making a special desire to God on her 44th birthday while facing the deadly illness Lupus. Happy birthday, she wrote. Oluwakemisola Anotallahi Ajike Afolabi, I wish you many more years of goodness, good health, and well-being.

May my narrative, grandeur, and celebrity never be forgotten; may I never wear rags as clothes or beg for food before my family and I eat, in sha Allah. Oluwakemi I am blessed among women, and my womb produce is blessed. Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes; may you always have something to celebrate in your life, love you all.

Kemi Afolabi

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