Shatta Wale praises Burna Boy amid controversy

Burna Boy

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian artist, has demonstrated that he has no ill will toward award-winning Nigerian singer Burna Boy by praising him. Surprising many, Shatta Wale took to Snapchat to thank the musician for the global impact he is having on African music.

Burna Boy has made Nigerians and Africans proud with his countless record-breaking feats, which are no longer news. Shatta praised him for murdering the globe and gave him a special shout-out.
Laad Gad, my buddy who was to be and is no longer my friend, is murdering the world – even though we don’t communicate, I’m so thrilled to see him succeed!!? Burna, you’re burning it… Love.


Remember that following his rant about Nigerian singers being pushed in Ghana, the Grammy winner challenged Shatta Wale to a one-on-one battle, but the gesture was not returned. Burna Boy resorted to Instagram to speak out against the idea of Nigeria-Ghana separation while daring Shatta Wale to a battle.

Dem dey also plays South African, American, and UK songs for Ghana, but na Nigeria own be a problem, said the Ye crooner. Something fishy smells. Pushing for the breakup of our beautiful African nations is a tremendous disservice to future generations. It contradicts everything I stand for as a man and an unashamed pan-Africanist.

As a result, if Shatta or anybody else has a personal issue with me, I’m still willing to fight one-on-one and squash it afterwards, just as I’ve always been. Nobody will demolish the togetherness we are always attempting to establish for a more robust and better Africa.

Shatta Wale responded quickly, stating he was ready to meet and fight Burna Boy. I double dare you, @Burnaboy, he wrote. I dare you tenfold. This is not a poetic fight. As though you were about to perform a song. #lyricalchampion. Please don’t allow anyone to tell you that I want to use you for publicity because you know money has never been an issue from the day I met you. Don’t forget about yourself so quickly.

Oh, @Burnaboy says he wants a one-on-one… Okay, let’s get this Accra Sports Stadium going. I call the shots if you’re a guy! Let’s go freestyle instead of singing your song!! Nigeria – Ghana, I’m f**king prepared!
On the other hand, Burna Boy stated in his answer that he could easily make the rapper’s life a living hell. In a deleted Instagram story post, Burna Boy stated, “This man believes I have time.” 

@shattawalenima This isn’t the 8 mile! There is no rap battle. It’s a fistfight, just like real men do. We can do it behind closed doors or in front of a stadium full of people. Stop behaving as if you don’t know anything. I’ve been attempting to put this up since January of last year. Consider this your easy escape since I could easily make your life a living hell anyplace you go outside of Ghana.

You should know that I have more money than your godfathers combined. The fool wants to come and sing nonsense. I’m looking for your teeth and blood on the floor, youngster. You’re referring to singing. Joker. On Friday, Burna Boy challenged Shatta Wale to one-on-one combat after the rapper poured shade at Nigerian musicians.

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