Greens Leader; Senator Lidia Thorpe Resigned As The Party Deputy Leader Due To The Revelation That She Is In An Undisclosed Relationship With The President Of The Bikie Gang

Lidia Thorpe

Lidia Thorpe resigned as the deputy leader following a revelation that she is in an undisclosed relationship with the president of the bikie gang while on a Parliamentary committee seat in law enforcement.

Lidia Thorpe: The ABC News Reports

On Thursday, ABC News reports that Lidia staffers were concerned about the risk of a perceived conflict of interest from dating the ex-president of the Rebels in Victoria (Dean Martin).

Lidia Thorpe at the period was sitting on the law enforcement committee seat which received confidential briefings about organized crime and bikie gangs.

Lidia Thorpe

The staff urged the senator to disclose the relationship to Greens Leader Adam Bandt upon hearing about the relationship.

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Mr Bandt’s Statement On Thursday;

“I have since looked into those matters. I have asked Senator Thorpe for her resignation as deputy leader in the Senate and I have received a resignation. At least Senator Thorpe needed to disclose to me her connection to Mr Martin and her failure to do so showed a significant lack of judgement. she understands this, so I now expect her to demonstrate better judgement going forward and in exercising her continuing portfolio responsibilities”.

He tolls that he had confidence in Lidia as a senator but with the current situation, he had to request her to step down from the party leadership team.

Lidia Thorpe

Senator Lidia Thorpe Statement

“I accept that I have made mistakes and have not exercised good judgement. I will now reflect on this and focus on my important portfolio work, especially advocating for First Nations people.

Nevertheless, Mr Bandt points out that there were no breaking of rules at any point as to the committee or the work assigned to her. He continued that there had been no disclosures of information to date.

In a statement, he said;

“If those facts change, then of course I will consider further action. At the moment this is what I am told to do. I have, separately, reached out to the AFP (Australian Federal Police)to seek a meeting with them to see if they have any concerns with respect to the disclosure of information, but to be clear, at the moment, the facts that I have, nobody suggested that happened”.

Since May federal election Mr Bandt tolls that senator Lidia has not held the justice portfolio.

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