Senator Jinggoy Estrada Stated There Should Be A Ban On Korean Telenovelas


Senator Jinggoy Estrada made a statement on Wednesday (October 19, 2022) on placing a ban on Korean telenovelas in the country. This stemmed from frustration that Filipinos nowadays go after foreign shows/movies.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada Statement;

“My statement stems from frustration that is the reason we are only too eager and willing to celebrate the Korean entertainment industry, we have sadly allowed our own to deteriorate because of lack of support from the movie-going public”.

He continued;

“I wish that the zealousness of our kababayans in patronizing foreign artists can be replicated to support our homegrown talents who I strongly believe are likewise world-class”.

Jinggoy Estrada clears the air that he has nothing to do with the south area’s success in the entertainment industry. He clarified that Filipino artists should not be ignored.

He puts in a statement thus;

“South Korea’s phenomenal success is rooted in their love of the country. It is high time we follow their example and do the same for our own entertainment industry that is at best, barely surviving”.

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Estrada Proposed To Ban Telenovela

On Tuesday, Estrada ‘an actor’ proposed to ban Korean telenovelas in the country. He purported that it is been loved by the Filipinos which had made local artists lose their job.

It doesn’t only affect the entertainment industry, it also affects other sectors like the makeup business. The telenovela tends to seek this kind of people more.

Estrada - Padilla

Senator Robin Padilla said;

“The government should impose higher tariffs for foreign shows. The funds which will be generated can be used to aid Filipinos working in the film industry”.

Robin also supported giving additional funds to the FDCP for the restoration of the old Philippine film.

Actor Tirso Cruz III and the FDCP said; “we are currently focusing on the creation and promotion of local films. We can’t help ourselves since it’s a worldwide business. We can stop streaming because it is accepted by the world. Our focus now is to help Filipino producers to promote their local films”.

He continued;

” We are focusing on local films because if we are going to video festivals we want to bring to the public our show. This will make the Filipinos brag to the world that they are more intense in making films, passionate and beautiful”.

Nevertheless, support should be rolled out to the needed to avoid any contentions that may want to arise.

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