Scholarship for International Students at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland 2023

University of Lausanne

Meaning of Master’s Scholarship

Master’s scholarships are scholarships awarded to students who have graduated from an international university, and whose academic results are of a very high standard.

About The University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne is also known as UNIL. It was founded in 1537 and began as a school of Protestant Theology. By 1890, it was made a University. UNIL is the second oldest university in Switzerland, and one of the oldest universities in the world that is still in operation. As of 2017, the school had about 15,000 students and 3,300 staff. Over 1,500 International students attend the school from one hundred and twenty(120) nationalities.
The school retains a wide curriculum that includes exchange programs that partner with renowned world universities.

Summary of The Scholarship

The University of Lausanne offers around ten grants to students ready to take a degree program at the school. The International Scholarship at The University of Lausanne, Switzerland 2023 is a plausible opportunity given to foreign students who are willing to undergo their master’s degree in Europe.

This scholarship is exclusively for students who have high-flying academic achievements and those who have achieved exceptional academic performance during their bachelor’s degree in an international university.

This scholarship aims to have a diverse range of cultural communities that will bring in developments in different fields. The school has a goal of garnering International Students’ attention and engaging them in various academic activities that would help to ensure cooperation in the world. As a result, the students are advised and encouraged to be a part of this scholarship to achieve this goal.

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Human and Social sciences, environmental sciences, life sciences, and medicine are the core of UNIL scholarship.

International Scholarships at the University of Lausanne – Switzerland 2023 create and instil a sense of cooperation, unity, and collaboration among people from different ethnic, racial, economic, political, social, and religious backgrounds from the different continents of the world.

University of Lausanne
University of Lausanne

The international scholarship at the University of Lausanne –Switzerland 2023 will provide a highly qualified teaching faculty that is quality-oriented and innovation-driven. The facilities and technologies in the school are up to date for the students and teaching professionals. To maintain every individual’s integrity and respect throughout their stay in the university, the Charter of Values is adopted as the chief document of work ethics.

Throughout their stay in school, the UNIL scholarship provides every student with the opportunity to hone their skills and develop their careers. The University of Lausanne boasts a serene and state-of-the-art learning environment with laboratories with up-to-date equipment and technology. Students are also allowed to work together with diverse people and contribute their quota to the economy of their home country and Switzerland through their intellectual capabilities.

Students will also enjoy an environment of spacious and green landscape that provides a natural environment to freshen up their minds and by doing so educational and cultural activities are promoted. International scholarship at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland 2023, Converse educational development interdisciplinary I’m various sporting and cultural activities. There’s also get to enjoy different entertainment activities.

The UNIL is driven by the desire to establish itself as a hub of knowledge that helps in promoting social and economic growth. This they hope to achieve by providing the best supervisors to oversee the student’s educational and practical work in world economies. Students also have easy access to modern research tools through the university and cantonal library and an ideal living environment alongside Lake Geneva. In their effort to be at the top of medical advancements hospital of the Canton of Vaud is UNIL’s principal institution.

Benefits of The Scholarship

The scholarship is granted for the minimum statutory period of the program a student chooses. CHF1,600 is paid monthly to each student as allowance for the complete duration of the master which is usually between one and half years and two years depending on the Chosen master’s, from September to 15th July, except in cases of definitive failure after the first year.

Students will be exempted from the registration fees of the courses except for the CHF 80 fees that are to be paid for each semester. In addition every year UNIL Awards about 10 fellowships. Students are made aware that the monthly allowances are not sufficient to live in Switzerland. This allowance is subject to deduction for paid placements or if any semester is exempted. However, abandonment of the program results in the suspension of the grants.


• Applicants must obtain an international degree considered to be equivalent to a bachelor’s at UNIL before the beginning of the master’s program.

• Applicants must have distinguished and brilliant academic results.

• Applicant must have a language level of at least 2 French or C1 in English( according to the global European language portfolio) according to the language chosen master is taught.

• Applicants must not have registered with UNIL in the past.

• Applicants must pay the CHF 200 administration fee.

• Applicants must be in good health.

• Applicants must travel to Switzerland for the duration of the degree.

University of Lausanne

Programs Offered

The following master’s programs are offered at UNIL:
• Biology and medicine.
• Public administration law and criminal justice.
• Geosciences and Environment.
• business and economics.
• Arts.
• Social and political sciences.
• Theology and Sciences of religions.
• Interfaculty programs.

Courses Exemption

However, it is not possible to apply for the following master’s programs:
• Masters from the school of medicine.
• Master of law( only 2 specializations international and comparative law and legal theory are open to applications for master’s scholarship).
• master of criminal law and magistracy.
• Master of Science in physical education and sport didactics.
• Master of science in sustainable management and technology.
• Master of law from the University of Zurich and Lausanne.
• All MAss(Ph.D. programs).

Required Documents

• A duly signed application form by the applicant.
• Passport-size photograph in a JPEG format.
• Copy of secondary school diploma (if it is not written in French English German or Italian a certificate or notarized translation is required).
• Copy of academic transcript (If the applicant has not been issued a degree certificate yet a description of the courses attended in the last semester is required).
• Detailed curriculum vitae.
• A cover letter.
• Two letters of recommendation from lecturers.
• IELTS or TOEFL score report for English proficiency and DALF or DELF for French. B2 in French and C1 in English at the minimum levels required.
• Passport or identity card details.
• Proof of payment of the CHF 200 admission fee.

Application Process

• Applicants have to send a complete application and a list of documents attached to the application to the following address.

• The applicants must fill out the application form on the computer.

• Provide all your detailed personal information such as name address date of birth country religion.

• Complete all the fields for each level.

• Upload scanned copies of documents in a specified format.

• Upload scanned copies of photographs in a specified format.

• After filling out the complete application forms should be signed by the applicant.

• The master’s scholarship also acts as an application for admittance to the master’s program of your choice.

• Incomplete submissions will not be processed does not have verified files of the academic documentation demanded.

• The selection board will inform the selected applicants by early April.

To apply for the Scholarship, click HERE


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