Salman Rushdie stabbed over the release of his post-modern novel (Satanic verses)

Salman Rushdie

The authorities said Salman Rushdie was stabbed once in the neck and abdomen. He was rescued and taken to the hospital by helicopter.

Salman Rushdie may lose one of his eyes after the whole incident. The nerves in his arms were damaged severely and his liver was stabbed. This statement was tolled forward by his agent. Salman Rushdie is unable to speak after being stabbed in the United States. This event happened while he was still on stage says his agent. Andrew Wylie opines that he may lose one of his eyes after the attack was made at the event in New York state.

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A similar scenario happened in 1988 when Salman Rushdie went into hiding after Iran’s leader called for his murder. It was said that he released Satanic verses which many Muslim see as blasphemy. A suspect was caught and detained by the police at Farview, New Jersey. Salman Rushdie was attacked by the suspect on stage not excluding an interviewer at the Chautauqua institution in New York state.

The police are on the move to obtain a search warrant to examine a backpack and electronic devices, no motive has yet been confirmed by the police.

The arrest of the attacker materialized when the staff and audience pinned him to the ground. A doctor amidst the audience administered first aid to Salman Rushdie before things gets worse. Since it is not only Salman Rushdie that was attacked, his interviewer had a minor injury on the head and was rushed to the hospital. The interviewer was the co-founder of a non-profit organisation that provides cover to writers under prosecution threat.

The News daily times was told that the attacker kept trying to attack Salman Rushdie even after he was stopped. The attacker was so strong that it took 5 men to pull him while he was stabbing Salman Rushdie. It was said by Mr Abrams that he was intensely furious to stab the man to death. If the attacker is not restrained, he would have killed Salman Rushdie. The Islamic faith is angry with him about the satanic verses and his life was demanded.

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie’s earliest journey, his blasphemous release and the demand for his death

His earliest journey begins when he rose to fame with his novel Midnight’s children in 1981. This alone was sold to millions of people and over 1 million copies were made in the United Kingdom. The satanic verses written in 1988 forced him into hiding for about ten years. The novel was seen as blasphemous to the Islamic faith. They said the work is insulting their religion and was banned in so many countries. It is noted that several people were killed in a fight to stop Salman Rushdie in India and Iran.

The anger of some of the Muslims was evident when the Japanese translator of the book was stabbed to death. After some months, an Italian translator took it up and was stabbed but survived the attack. One year after the release of the book, Ayatollah Khomeini Iran’s head called for Salman Rushdie to be killed. To pinpoint his words, he offered a three million reward. This decree was issued legally by the Islamic religious leader.

In 2012, a reward of $500,000 was added by the Iranian religious foundation since the head of Salman Rushdie is still in demand. The Iran government has separated itself from Khomeini’s decrees.

Salman Rushdie was said to have abandoned the Islamic faith by the Iran media. The government of Iran did not make any move to stop the ongoing crisis. Salman Rushdie is an atheist who has supported his work several times and on different occasions and he is advocating for his freedom of expression.

Wrapping up

On the release of the satanic verses, a decree against Salman Rushdie was issued which points out that he must die. His work was noted by the Islamic faith to be blasphemous and was banned from being sold in many countries.

Salman Rushdie has been in hiding ten years ago. Now, in the news on BBC, it was stated that Salman Rushdie was stabbed severely one in the neck and the other in the abdomen. It is noted that he may not be able to speak after the attack. He was rescued by a helicopter which took him to the hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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