Russian Soldiers Flee To The Border As Ukraine Retake Its City

russia soldiers

It is somewhat great news for Ukraine to retake its city. Now, the news reaching the media stags on five thousand (5000) Russian soldiers fleeing for the border. It is noted that the Kyiv soldiers went into Donetsk to force the invading Russian soldiers back to their country.

Russia soldiers: Ukraine’s focus

The Ukrainian army focuses on reclaiming Layman. This city is heavily guarded by Russian soldiers after they have taken the Ukraine city. The place serves as the military bastion in the north.

It is clear that the Ukrainian troops gathered around the place and they had all the Russian soldiers to themselves but they gave them a retreat option.

russian soldiers

Russian soldiers left Layman

The state media said that the Russian defence ministry has confirmed that their troops have taken their leave from Layman. This is connected with the creation of threats within the region. 24 hours after Vladimir Putin tried to claim Donetsk, a breakthrough and victory were seen within this period as the Russian soldiers were absorbed. It is noted that the victory is tactical and Ukraine is worth celebrating.

Donetsk is a region for transport hub and main logistics. It serves the role of providing a tactical role for the Kremlin. Circling around the media is a video of Ukrainian soldiers waving the country flag near the entrance of the city.

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russia soldiers

Russia soldiers: Ukraine Spokesperson said;

The Ukraine spokesperson “Serhii Cherevatyi” said that the Russian grouping in the layman region is surrounded.

He further said that the opening of liberation for Ukrainian Dombas is near after the take of Layman. He said he sees it as an opportunity to further go into Sievierodonetsk and Kreminna. It is somewhat incredible as it stands to be psychologically important.

The Russian troops called their commanders to ask if they could retreat but they were asked to remain in their positions by their commanders. He tells further that this Russian commander’s action stirred a panic in Kremlin which automatically triggered Vladimir Putin. His action was to call hundreds of soldiers to shore up his army.

russia soldiers

Vladimir Putin claims annexation

Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia; these outlined cities to Vladimir Putin have been successfully annexed this week. It was seen in Moscow’s red square yesterday that a huge celebration was held after the sham referendum. The sham referendum stands clearly to be on stage 1 before the huge celebration was held yesterday.

It was seen that during the celebration Putin claim victory after seven months of the war. The growing death and botched mobilization made the people discontented with the war. In recent weeks, Putin accepted that the people are weak and not fit to serve in the armed forces.

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