Russia Ukraine War: Russia plans to take over Ukraine Territory Kherson

Russia Ukraine War

Russia Ukraine War – The US says Russia plans to take over the Ukraine territory using a similar strategy which was used during the takeover of Crimea.

John Kirby assured the US that there would be a quick response from the United States in the Russia Ukraine War

John Kirby speaks on behalf of the National Security Council that Russia is already laying the foundation for the territory takeover. In 2014, Russia took over Crimea from Ukraine after an organised plan which was seen as illegal. John Kirby continues his speech by saying the Russians have some officials running the populated Ukraine region. As this continues to happen, Kirby said Russia will be organizing a referendum so that Ukraine can be part of Russia.

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Russia planned that the result of the vote made will be a stepping stone to taking over the Ukraine territory. The same plan was used in Crimea in 2014. Russia took over the country by a planned vote which was marked as illegal by the international community. The voter within the region chooses to join the Russians. The campaign was not free and fair as Kyiv supporters boycotted the vote.

Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

Now, any votes similar to the one held in Crimea will also see a similar situation. The national security spokesman makes it evident that he was exposing the plan of the Russians. He said further that any takeover made of Ukraine has already been planned. He said further that the plan is illegal and should not be seen to happen in Ukraine. John karby went on to reveal the areas where the takeover will be done. Areas like; Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

Russia Ukraine War – Russia plans to take over Kherson

Russia is set to formally ask the United States president to give them Kherson, the Ukraine region. This region was first seized by Russia during the invasion. At the present, it was said that Russia has introduced their internet services, media and even currency. This little change happened in other parts of Ukraine that the Russian army occupied. It was suggested by the United Kingdom Minister of defence that Russia aims to take southern Ukraine to establish a land bridge connecting Crimea and Kherson at the Dnieper River.

Kherson is seen to have a population of over 290,000 before the invasion. After the invasion, many of the territory occupants fled from the city. However, Ukraine should be ready to defend its country against invader. At the dispense of the information, proper security measures should be put in place
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