Up To 30 Kamikaze Drones Was Used By Russia To Attack Kyiv On Monday Morning

Kamikaze Drones

Despite Putin’s claim of no further attack, up to 30 Kamikaze drones hits Kyiv on Monday morning.

Kamikaze Drones: The Impact Of The Attack

Kamikaze drones killed four people including a pregnant woman and her husband after Vladimir Putin said “there would be no more massive strikes” on Ukraine.

Kamikaze Drones

Ukrainian Officer Said;

“Bohan and Victoria ‘age 34’ were found dead Just after a residential building was hit in the city central Shevchenkivskyi district“.

Evidence of the attack was shown in a video. The videos revealed that Iranian-shaded drones were rebuilt and rebranded by Russia as Geran-2. The drone has a triangular shape and it was flying low over the city. The drone crashed into the ground and exploded which drive onlookers to run for their dear life.

The Mayor Said;

“In the capital, five different explosions were heard after twenty-eight (28) drones were launched by the Russian military towards the city. The defence shot down some of them.

Klitschko Said;

“Four people were killed after the building people were living in was hit. 18 residents were rescued plus two people under the rumble. Nevertheless, search and rescue operations on the area continued”.

Additional military aid is needed for the west as the Ukrainian politicians said the latest Russian attack shows its utmost importance.

The Head Of The Office President “Andriy Yermak” Said;

We need more air defence systems as soon as possible. There is no time for slow actions, and more weapons to defend the sky and destroy the enemy.

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Kamikaze Drones

Kamikaze Drones; Contentions

Iran didn’t accept the fact that they supply drones to Russia but Ukraine, experts and western countries purport that the design matches the one from Tehran. Prompt measures must be taken against the country says the Kyiv leader.

Dmytro Kuleba ‘the Foreign Minister’ Said;

“I have addressed the EU foreign affairs minister from a bomb shelter because of the attacks. I called on the EU to impose sanctions on Iran for providing Russians with drones”.

Kamikaze Drones

The United States Spokesman Warned;

“Anyone doing business with Iran that could have any link to UAVs or missile production from Iran to Russia should be careful and do their due diligence. The united states will not hesitate to use punishments or fight against the perpetrators.

The growing use of drones in Russia is 136 and the small 131s are provided by Iran. The 136 can target a range of 1000km and meet its target. This brings to the fore the Kamikaze description, detonating explosives.

Moscow has also acquired 2,400 drones from Iran.

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