Ex-Chelsea defender promises to fund surgeries for African Children in Sierra Leone

Rudiger pledges to donate world cup earnings

Rudiger pledges to donate world cup earnings

Antonio Rudiger, a German footballer who is currently in the German squad for the world cup, has promised to give some of his earnings that will be gotten from the World Cup to help pay for life-saving medical care for children in the African country of Sierra Leone.

Since January, when he started The Antonio Rudiger Foundation For Sierra Leone, the Real Madrid defender has been helping to pay for medical care for poor children in the African country of Sierra Leone.

Rudiger said before the World Cup that he would “like to do many more projects in Sierra Leone” and that his work with the charity organization BigShoe is “a matter of honour.”

Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger started his work because congenital clubfoot is a major problem all over the country. During their childhood, this problem affects a large number of children.

When asked why, the former Chelsea defender said, “It hurts to see how hard things are for young people in Sierra Leone, especially the kids living with such a disease.”

For the clubfoot to be fixed surgery is performed, through the surgery, the misalignment is fixed, and after a few months, the person is finally able to walk and take part in social activities just like every other person in their society.

Rudiger pledges to donate world cup earnings

“Here I have so many opportunities that most people over there in Sierra Leone don’t have,” said Rudiger. I’m happy and grateful for the chances I’ve been given and I know how lucky I am to be in the position I’m in.

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Also, this isn’t the first time that the ex-Chelsea player Antonio Rudiger has given money to an organisation that helps children in Sierra Leone.

He went to the African nation of Sierra Leone earlier in January to start The Antonio Rudiger Foundation. While he was there, he was highly welcomed and was cheered on by people who were very happy to see him.

Rudiger posted a video with the words “I don’t know what to say; these people are crazy.” I want to thank the people of Sierra Leone wholeheartedly for the warm welcome they gave me.

Antonio Rudiger’s family is from Sierra Leone, so he has helped a number of charities in that country. In 2020, he gave 100,000 dollars to help Sierra Leone get free, high-quality education.


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