“I don’t want Chelsea to win the Premier League this season” – Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand – “I don’t want three clubs to win the title

Rio Ferdinand, who used to play for Manchester United, has said in an interview that he doesn’t want three top teams to win the Premier League title this year.

If you were wondering, the top three teams he mentioned are London club Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City.

During an interview with Vibe, Rio Ferdinand said that he didn’t care if Arsenal won the premier league this season, undoubtedly with their current form it wouldn’t be a surprise if they become winners.

“No, I don’t hate Arsenal Football Club, but when people see me, they think I have something against the club. If there were no other major clubs that could win the league, I would want Arsenal to win it.

In a reference to Chelsea, Rio Ferdinand said, “I really don’t want them to win. I won’t pick Manchester City as the winner. I don’t want Liverpool to win at all.

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When the World Cup break comes in 2022, Arsenal will be on top of the Premier League with 37 points, five points ahead of City in second place. Chelsea is far away down the table at 8 points. Without doubts, there’s no miracle that’ll make them win the league, or else the top 4 clubs in the premier league table will have to lose most of their matches and Chelsea has to win most of theirs.

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