Reactions as ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ begs Tochi BBNaija for funding and admits she is not dead

Tochi BBNaija

Tochukwu Okechukwu (Tochi BBNaija) a former BBNaija season 5 star, sparked outrage on social media after sharing a screenshot of communications he received from the late British queen, Queen Elizabeth II.
The mockery Queen’s account requested that he send money since she was not dead and needed to return to the United Kingdom, as well as tea and cookies.

The reality star posted the amusing statement on his Instagram story after the late British queen requested $300 because she doesn’t have access to her royal funds. He just wrote “psychopath” in response to the message.
Nigerians responded differently to Tochi BBNaija’s message, and the majority of them did not trust him since they believe he is pursuing clout himself.

Some of the comments are as follows:
Is this playing no come dey whine us? wrote Efe.lings.
Dbrownskingurl1: How could anyone on the planet fall for this? Are these individuals really so stupid? Why am I bothering to inquire? They are, of course.


Barry liberty: What makes me believe he sent this communication to himself? This young man enjoys wearing clothing.

Melvin malachowski: Na, this Tochi starts a false account, still writes for trend, nada unah go tell me the guy nah yahoo kind of person. It was reported on African aunties donning asoebi in the UK for Queen Elizabeth II.
Photos circulated of Nigerian aunties dressed in gorgeous asoebi for the British monarch’s funeral. The materials were allegedly sent from Lagos to London in time for the event and will be displayed at the London Museum.

More information about Tochi BBNaija

Okechukwu Tochukwu Tochi is a Nigerian rapper, real estate agent, and BBNaija Reality TV Show, housemate. Tochi was born in the Nigerian state of Imo in 1992. He worked as a musician and real estate agent before entering Big Brother Naija’s house. Tochi has done so much in just a few days at home that we adore him.
He was the ninth housemate to enter Big Brother Naija and swear to be left alone. His presence in the house energized the event, especially when he declared his love for his fiancée as he entered. When the other housemates chuckled, he instantly recognized his errors.

Tochi BBNaija

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