Pregnant lady aborts baby after boyfriend sponsored relocation to US to give birth

Pregnant lady aborts baby

A pregnant lady aborts baby

After her partner financed her move to the United States to give birth, the pregnant woman ultimately decided to terminate the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman is said to have terminated her pregnancy after her lover relocated her to the United State so she could give birth there

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Cynthia Agbor, a member of Twitter, was the one who reported the news, and she stated that the boyfriend had transferred his girlfriend overseas so she could give birth there and also with the intention of joining them in the future so they could live together.

Pregnant lady aborts baby

The woman was only two months pregnant when she arrived in the United States, but she chose to terminate the pregnancy when she was four months pregnant.

The pregnant woman’s partner demanded an explanation and she explained that the reason she decided to get an abortion was that the pregnancy was making her too sluggish to continue working.

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