Pot-bellied man accused of being responsible for Ashmusy’s lavish lifestyle “caught in 3D”

Shortly after Amarachi Amusi, commonly known as Ashmusy, curses those who attribute her prosperity to males, an unnamed pot-bellied guy has been identified as her donor (sugar daddy).

Ashmusy’s reaction followed the uproar caused by the announcement that she had acquired a brand-new car for herself. Ashmusy spent millions of naira on a new white Range Rover Velar. She took to Instagram and posted a video of herself cruising in her new ride. E Dey rush, she captioned the post. From me to me, I got a VELAR! E Dey asssss May God continue to bless the works of our hands… Amen.

However, internet users had varying views, with some questioning how she had gained so much money solely by doing skits. The 26-year-old replied to the various contradicting remarks by blasting those who underestimate her grit and attribute her success to a boyfriend or some sugar daddy.

Nigerians studied her vacation snapshot and video with a keen eye, and they saw a pot bellied man dressed in a white singlet and boxers as the photographer. Netizens dubbed the man her benefactor (sugar daddy) who finances her lavish lifestyle.

Ashmusy Amarachi Amusi

Netizens respond

In response, one Folashade Alesha stated, “Because marital adultery has no consequence for males, the sugar-daddy sector will continue to flourish every year.” The arrangement benefits both daddy and daddy’s girl.

“Nah anybody way believe this one claim nah hard work be mumu…,” Rashidat Adufe said. We know how to say no to hard effort…. oniro oshi”


Thank goodness for mirrors. I’m going to up my hustling. But now I can sleep peacefully. One Ekiuwa said, “Wahala too much.” She is no longer a skit creator; she is instead selling her body. I no longer comprehend her after she had her physique altered.” another user commented.

More details about Ashmusy

Amarachi Amusi, better known by her stage name Ashmusy, is a Nigerian actress, comedian, businesswoman, social media influencer, and content producer. She is well-known for her roles in various comedy programs. Ashmusy was born on July 25th, 1995.

Ashmusy attended Good Learning School in Gbagada, Lagos State, for elementary school and Federal Government College in Enugu State for high school. In 2016, she received her bachelor’s degree in anatomy from Madonna University, Elele.

Ashmusy must begin as an Instagram content maker, creating comedic sketches. She is also a brand influencer for various Nigerian firms. Ash must rise to prominence after appearing in multiple comedy sketches and developing her comedy series.

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