Portable Becomes The Amuludun of Tigbo

Amuludun of Tigbo

Famous musician Habeeb Okikiola, known as Portable, has added a feather to his cap. The “Zazoo” hitmaker has been accorded a Chieftaincy title – Amuludun of Tigbo. Tigbo is a town in Aworiland. Portable shared a video on his Instagram page, and he was seen in that video giving out money to people in the community.

Portable Is Now The Amuludun Of Tigbo

Even after his headies debacle, Portable has shaken the shame off and has now gone on to be named the Amuludun of Tigbo. Mixed reactions from social media users have followed after Portable is made the Amuludun of Tigbo.

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Some of his fans comments on Portable being the new Amuludun of Tigbo are:

Elvisnation12 wrote: You have gone to the village to collect title nah. Title name. Na me sing Zazuu one of Ogun State
yur_boyfriend replied : Amuludun Abi idamu adugbo?
temitemi1127 commented: Local champion werey olorin my Fuji star
fimybaby said: Our generous king
djopdot_iloveyou replied with: Congrats our king Ori Ade
ablessing309 said: Congratulations to your Portable baby

Portable’s new chieftaincy title comes amidst his trouble with the Nigerian Police after one of his many outbursts on social media was flagged as offensive by the Police. In that outburst, he claimed he was amongst the founders of the notorious One million boys in Lagos state and Ajah Boys in the centre of excellence.

The revelation from Portable made many Nigerians angry as the groups he mentioned caused untold hardship for state citizens during the lockdown. He was captured in a video, where he indeed claimed he created the infamous one million boys.

Many Nigerians asked that he be locked up and interrogated for making such grave comments. Some begged that he should be jailed. Some even warned that Portable shouldn’t be seen in Lagos, and they would lynch him if caught. The threats and comments from some Lagosians have made the Police, and prominent Lagosians look into the situation. Some eminent men have pleaded with the angry folks and promised Portable that he could come to the state when he wishes.

To defend himself, Amuludun of Tigbo wrote: This has come to the point that I have to voice out. Please, everyone, I want to let you know that I didn’t mean to campaign for the APC. They told me I was to come for a show before I saw myself in the APC office, and I had to do the job since it involved money. What I meant by 1 million boys is that 1 million followers. Since I made that statement, people have threatened my life, and you should all look into this.

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