I entered politics to fix a broken system – Banky W

Bankole Wellington, also known as Banky W, has stated that he entered politics to fix a broken system. He said we must interact with the system from where it is and fight for what we stand for and want to happen. On Wednesday, the Peoples Democratic Party House of Representatives candidate for Eti-Osa Federal Constituency said this on Arise TV’s The Morning Show.

He went on to say, “We need more individuals to get involved in politics.” I, like everyone else in my class, have taken part in nonviolent protests. However, the purpose of activism and advocacy is betterment, and if you haven’t seen the desired result, then your activism is insufficient. So, for me, the message shifted from simply raising awareness through activism and lobbying to stating that we must go from protests to politics.

We need to start focusing this energy on getting like-minded people into government and leveraging that consensus of like-minded people to effect change. That is where my mentality began to shift in 2018, and I began to believe that the problem in Nigeria is top-down and the answer is bottom-up.

Banky W

As a result, we must begin focusing on the National Assembly, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the State Houses of Assembly. As a result, when I ask young people about their representatives, most have no idea who is standing for office in their districts.


And I started thinking that if I couldn’t put my neck out that I could be a part of this system and bring a solution to the table with my degree, success, background, audience, following, and voice; who am I waiting for to get engaged in the system?

So, in 2018, I prayed about it and informed my wife. She said, ‘you know politics in Nigeria is dirty, and I know your heart, and I know the system is what it is, and I don’t want anything that will soil your hands.’ I told her that the truth is that politics will always be dirty and dangerous until good people begin to be intentional about putting like-minded people in the system.

Banky W

More information about Banky W

Olubankole Wellington (born March 27, 1981) is a Nigerian musician, rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and politician better known by his stage name Banky W and credited in films as Banky Wellington.

Wellington stated in February 2018 that E.M.E would no longer operate as a record label, instead focusing on creative marketing, advertising, public relations, and brand events. Wellington named DJ Xclusive, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru, and his wife Adesua Etomi as the company’s first clientele.

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