‘Please do not call me if you see my husband with his side chick anywhere.’ – Christabel Egbenya warns her friends

Christabel Egbenya, a Nollywood actress, has told friends not to call or alert her if they come across her husband with any side chick. She can’t die because of a man, and she will never fight her husband’s side chick for whatever reason.

According to Christabel Egbenya, “any friend who calls to inform me she spotted my boyfriend with his side girl at a hotel wants to murder me.” No! Don’t tell me; I’m not interested. I don’t want to know even if you saw them.

I will not attack the girl in public if I am the one who caught them together. My husband is the guy with whom I’m afraid I have to disagree. I’ll go home and wait for him to return, then we can talk about it there. Because my hubby is already aware of who I am. Why would I pursue a lady or my spouse when I know we live in the same house?”

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Christabel Egbenya, a producer, added, ‘I love my life so much, who would I leave my kids for if something happened?’ It is not conceivable for me to gamble with my life because of a man. If something were to happen to you, the man would only grieve you for a short time before moving on to the next lady.

First and foremost, women should learn to love and accept themselves. I will not trade myself for a man. I like myself so much that my child comes before my husband rather than the other way around.’

Christabel Egbenya opted to keep her marriage and husband’s identity off social media after many years in the field and witnessing what happens to her colleagues’ relationships. She goes on to explain why she chose to marry discreetly. Well, even before I got married, I was not the type who posted everything on social media.

However, much is happening on social media, including dramatic relationship breakups, marriages, and divorces. I opted to protect myself by taking it off social media. I’m not a fan of drama. Some even said that I don’t love my spouse and that I am not proud of him. He is pretty youthful, sweet, and attractive. Some of you may have met him through my WhatsApp status. I adore and am proud of him, but I will not brag about him on social media; it’s not my thing. Allow me to live my personal life in peace, she added.

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