Phyna or Hermes will win BBNaija Season 7: Amaka reveal


Chiamaka Crystal Mbah (Amaka), a former housemate of the Big Brother Naija Reality Program who was just kicked out, has said who she thinks has a good chance of winning.

In a recent interview, Amaka stated, “I actually don’t know, but I think it may be Phyna or Hermes.” Phyna has supporters on the outside, and Hermes is doing a fantastic job for me. As I mentioned in the home, one guy I’d like to hang out with outdoors from level one is Hermes since there’s something about him that makes you want to be friends with him.

Amaka explained her sentiments towards Giddyfia from the beginning and how they came apart, saying, “I was drawn to him and I liked him, but I wanted to take things gently since feelings are highly heightened within the home, he was also hurting a lot of people.” Also, when Ebuka talked about his time in the toilet with Rachael, it messed with my head and made me question what sort of pet he was. That’s how it went from one hundred to zero. Amaka said I’ve always described myself as extreme. I’m either with or against you; I’m never in the centre.


According to the number of housemates who nominated her for eviction, Amaka believes they regarded her as a danger. “I think they saw me as a threat,” she said, “and that wasn’t the best weeks for me, and we just merged.” Not everyone will like you, and remember, this is a game. I recall a few weeks when Chi Chi was not on their good side. They would have sent her home if the special eviction had happened then. It’s simply a matter of how that week went. Therefore, it wasn’t a good week for me.

Groovy confronts Phyna for continuously mentioning Hermes during the Thursday task (Amaka)

Groovy looked furious with his newfound sweetheart, Chyna, as she repeatedly hailed level 1 roommate, Hermes, during the sponsored job on Thursday. The dispute became so heated that Phyna had to leave Groovy.

The lover guy felt humiliated by Phyna for continually applauding Hermes, but Phyna considered it regular support, which irritated him. Phyna, on the other hand, apologized to Groovy during their Thursday night pool party, and they continued with their Public Display of Affection, as both were spotted passionately kissing during their pool party.

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