Paul Pogba Alleges His Brother And An Organised Gang Has Targeted Him In An Extortion Attempt Of £11 million

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Paul Pogba alleges that his brother Mathias is complicit in an “extortion effort by a gang of people” against him.
The Juventus midfielder’s lawyer released a statement on his behalf on Sunday in response to Mathias’s threat to post “huge information” about his younger brother on his social media account. According to AFP, French police have launched an inquiry into the allegations, which France TV claims entail a €13 million (£11 million) extortion attempt.

Paul Pogba Accuses His Brother Of Extortion

A statement has been made in reaction to Mathias’ video on behalf of Paul Pogba, his mother Yeo Moriba, and his attorney Rafaela Pimenta. The statement said, “Mathias Pogba’s recent comments on social media are regrettably not surprising.” They come on top of extortion efforts and threats made by a group against Paul Pogba. There won’t be any additional statements regarding the ongoing inquiry because the pertinent authorities in France and Italy were notified a month ago.

paul pogba


Mathias Pogba, who has played professional football at various levels all around Europe, made vague promises of “explosive disclosures” regarding his brother and Pimenta in a video that was released on social media on Saturday.

He stated, in English translation from French that, he believes that if he makes this video, the French, Italian, English, and Spanish supporters, which means the entire world, as well as his brother’s fans, and even more, the French team and Juventus, his brother’s teammates, and his brother’s sponsors deserve to know certain things, in order to decide, in full knowledge of the facts, if his brother deserves the admiration, respect, and love of the public.

He continued today that, many factors and testimony will support his claims, and then everything is probably going to blow up and create a lot of noise.

Paul Pogba reportedly discussed the alleged extortion efforts with France’s Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, according to France TV. According to reports, Pogba told the authorities that his brother Mathias and acquaintances from his youth were responsible for the threats.
According to the claim, hooded individuals armed with assault rifles are believed to have followed him to Manchester, Turin, and Paris and threatened him while harassing him.

The group allegedly dragged Pogba into a Paris apartment in March and demanded €13 million for protecting him for the previous 13 years. Pogba is thought to have chosen to inform his club after allegedly being harassed at Juventus’ training facility in Turin in July. Pogba joined Juventus this summer on a free transfer from Manchester United. They then made a police call.

Pogba allegedly thinks the organization will attempt to harm his reputation and place in the France national team by publicizing communications he sent about Paris Saint-Germain sensation Kylian Mbappe.

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