Pakistan Floods Are A Monsoon On Steroids Says United Nations Secretary-General

Pakistan floods

The united nations issued a warning after the Pakistan floods engulf a third of Pakistan’s country.
Antonio Guterres launched a 160 million dollar appeal to help the millions of people affected by the disaster while he urged the world to come to Pakistani aid. The blame stags on the impact of epochal levels of rain and flooding. Since the start of the Pakistan floods in June one thousand, one hundred and thirty-six people have been killed. Many of which were washed away across the country.

The 2022 monsoon can be placed side by side with the gruesome flood of 2010. It stands as the deadliest in Pakistan’s history which puts to death many people scaling up to 2000.

South Asia in crisis as climatic tension rises

South Asia was called a climate crisis hotpot where people die more from climatic impacts says Guterres in a video message. Climate change is destroying Pakistan and should not be dealt lightly with. Today it’s Pakistan’s but it may be your country tomorrow. Guterres said the united nations wants to come to their aid by providing food, sanitation, water, health support and education.

More than 33 million Pakistan have been affected by the flooding. An eyewitness whose name is Sadia, a student in Quetta in the capital of Balochistan province, she emphasised that felt helpless when her family were cut off in their home village (Jhal Magsi). The girl told the BBC news that there is no single home that is safe. She emphasised that they are under the sky with no help.

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Right now, she said they need first aid like food, shelter, and tents with clean water. It should be noted that they can’t cook anything. Sherry Rehman the climate change minister as of Monday described the situation as a climate-induced humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

Pakistan floods

Pakistan ranks in the top ten list of countries most vulnerable to the effects of climatic change even though it produces less than one per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Extreme rainfall is more likely to cause flooding, although several many other climatic factors can cause it.

Steep cuts have to be made to emissions as the world is already what to about 1.2 Celsius since this era began. The flood has caused at least 10 billion dollars of damage as estimated by Pakistan’s planning minister. Agricultural land has been made desolate in this year’s monsoon, thereby, inflating the prices of food. Zahidi Bibi said to the AFP news agency that things are expensive because of the flood. The Pakistan floods situation is severe in places like Sindh and Balochistan, the region filled with mountains has also been hit by the flood badly.

With the help of helicopters, authorities are still struggling to reach those trapped after the flood. After Pakistan launched its appeal for help, the UAE and Turkey delivered tents and medicines while the united states and Britain promised Pakistan their support. The international monetary fund (IMF) stated that it approved a $1.2 billion loan for Pakistan.

Wrapping up

The Pakistan floods are a threatening and deadly situation that usurped a third of the country. The country has cried for help and the united nations have sent aid to help them out. Many people’s lives were lost in the Pakistan floods, and a lot of houses were made desolate. The 2022 Pakistan floods were matched with that of the year 2010 which stands as the deadliest in Pakistan’s history. Many people’s lives also were wasted in the Pakistan floods which amounted to 2000.

South Asia also is not left out, they are called the climatic hotpot where people died more of climatic impact. Climatic change is destroying Pakistan’s country and shouldn’t be lightly dealt with. It is destroying the climate of Pakistan country and tomorrow it may be your country.

Sadia, a student in Quetta in the capital of Balochistan province, she emphasised that felt helpless when her family were cut off in their home village (Jhal Magsi). The Pakistan floods are indeed a sad scenario, we hope that the country gets better and is helped out of the crisis.

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