Osas Ighodaro reflects on her journey to popularity as she celebrates ten years in the entertainment industry

Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro, a Nollywood actress and media personality, commemorates ten years in the entertainment industry She described her trip to Nigeria and how it helped transform her life. Osas Ighodaro claimed she was supposed to stay in Nigeria for six months but stayed for ten years.

Osas Ighodaro will be eternally grateful for her experience thus far and eagerly awaits what is ahead. Osas Ighodaro claimed she was supposed to stay in Nigeria for six months but stayed for ten years. Osas Ighodaro released a music video of herself dancing to Fela Kuti’s song, Water, Wata’, to commemorate her tenth birthday. According to Osas Ighodaro, the song is a magnificent reflection of her time in Nigeria, her flow, battle, and independence.


On this day ten years ago, I embarked on a voyage to Nigeria – not my first trip to Naija, but one that changed my life… forever. Please watch this video to honour my ten years in the Nigerian entertainment industry. ‘Water, Wata’ – Osas Ighodaro is ten years old!! Water, for me, encapsulates a lovely reflection of my stay in Nigeria thus far.

My Flow, my Fight, my Liberation!!!! I was only supposed to stay in Nigeria for six months… And now I’m ten years later. I’ll be eternally grateful for my adventure thus far, and I eagerly await what’s next… God’s plan is always the greatest, and I’m thankful to be able to enjoy this. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to participate in such a unique and entertaining session! I’m happy about the magic we could generate with one brief rehearsal. You all are incredible, and I will be eternally grateful!!

Osas Ighodaro couldn’t hold back her emotions when she received two prizes at AMVCA 2022. Osas Ighodaro was named Best Dressed and Best Actress in a Drama Film at the African Magic Viewers Choice Award 2022. Celebrities looked so stunning on the red carpet at the AMVCA event.

Celebrities display their fashion sense yearly as fans vote for their favourites to win the most anticipated ‘Best Dressed’ award, making it one of the most prominent accolades in Africa’s entertainment business.

Osas Ighodaro was declared the winner while dazzling in a flowing see-through gown. Her ponytail hair and drop earrings complemented her entire appearance. The actress also received her first AMVCA Best Actress in a Drama award. To thank the organizers and everyone who helped her win the prize, Osas Ighodaro released a video of herself running to the stage to accept her medal and genuinely thanking God for the honour, describing her best as a dream come true that she still can’t believe.

She also named the epidemic after her late mother and daughter. Then she thanked the AMVCA organizers, the cast and crew of RattleSnake, and all her supporters. However, Ireti Doyle praised her younger colleague, Osas Ighodaro. The veteran recalled Osas as “beautiful, bright, pleasant, and engaging” when she made her acting debut in Tinsel.

Despite just returning from America, Osas Ighodaro was eager to put in more effort and accomplish more of what was necessary. Ireti Doyle complimented her for taking her scalps in a graceful, courteous, and bile-free manner.

I just wrote about Ireti Doyle. Look. At… I’m a beginner… God created it!!! I recall well the day she came from the American on the #AmTinsel set… Bright, gorgeous, kind, and engaging…. eager to put in the effort and accomplish all and more that was asked of her. It’s simply a question of time for sure, folks. I also like the way she takes scalps! Elegantly, generously, and without a trace of bile @officialosas… Congratulations, my girl, and keep flying!!!”.

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