Optus attack: Telecommunication reports a cyber attack

Optus attack

The news has it that Optus cyber attack exposed private data. Optus is known as the second largest communication company. A piece of recent news has it that they have reported a cyber attack.
This attack made known the name of the customers – date of birth – email addresses and some other private data.

Optus: Payment data and passwords not compromised

In the news, it was reported that the company has Ten million subscribers so far. Optus said they have stopped the attack, even at the stop, details like driver’s license and passport numbers have been held a victim before the attack was stopped. It is glad to note that, passwords and payment data were not compromised.


Optus address its customers via Twitter

Optus felt so bad for its customers and tries to make sure everything goes well. In a tweet, the company said, all the victims will be notified. Nevertheless, all their customers should check their accounts in case anything suspicious is ongoing.
Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is the chief executive of Optus and he made his intention known via ABC TV. He was solely unhappy because of what happened and he apologised to all their customers.
In his statement, he emphasised dates of birth, names and contact details of so many Optus users have been accessed. Mailing address and passport shouldn’t be exposed, but at times they are often exposed. Although the cases in which this has happened are quite a rare number.

Australia federal police

The company “Optus” informed the Australian police officials when they start noticing a kind of activity that seems so strange.
The police have set out to investigate the matter. In their investigation, they are trying to find out the person behind what is happening. Not only that, they want to know the reason behind the person’s action.
The company lists down the names of the information that has been victimized. So, right now, the firm is working hand In hand with the police officials to reduce the risk to customers. This information was made known on the company’s website.

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Optus reveals

People that knew about this matter are few because it is noted that the company revealed this information to financial institutions.
It was emphasised in their message to these financial institutions that while the company wasn’t aware the customers have been victimized, the company purports that the customers should check their accounts to include anything strange or fraudulent. Even if they see unusual notifications, they must be reported to the company.
Optus wants to make sure nothing affects its customers. The chief executive of the company opines that they had informed all their customers to be halted. Even at that many customers left the company frustrated. Some of the frustrated people are seen to be concerned about what happened.

Cyber security said

It was revealed in a statement by cyber security that they love how the company tell their customers that they will contact those that have been affected. It was revealed that they won’t be sending SMS or emails. If by any chance the customers receive messages, it is sure the handwork of the attacker which we noted has fake.
Optus assured the people that no payment information or password was stolen.

Security measure

The company wants the customers to stand in a firm position. They said customers should be aware of any fraudulent activities they see. They opine to their customers to guide their accounts jealously by using complex passwords and also implore two-factor authentication.
This is all that the company said to ensure the safety of their customer.

Optus attack


The second largest company in Australia has been attacked cyberly. Cyber attack has been a prominent one, even for decades.
The company “Optus” reveals that they believe their customers weren’t affected. This is because the company issued information that they wouldn’t be sending emails or SMS, Optus said if such is found, they should report to the company. Right now, the company is working with cyber security to see to the attacks and make sure nobody is affected.
They said everyone should stand halt and protect their data by using complex passwords and implore the use of two-factor verification. The company believe with this, the people will be on the safe side.

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