“On our wedding anniversary, I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t fake it” Stan Nze spills on marital issues 

Stan Nze

Stan Nze, a popular actor, has made a surprising disclosure about his marriage to colleague Blessing Jessica Obasi. Stan Nze and his wife just celebrated their one anniversary, and he told up about how things happened that day.

While their followers believed their wedding day was wonderful and worthy of celebration, the couple felt the opposite. Stan Nze claimed that he and his wife had clashed and were in different moods.

Stan Nze revealed this in an interview with TVC’s Black Table

Stan revealed that he and his older wife had a severe falling out because they had argued, and neither was willing to compromise. As a result, the two had gone to church despite their anniversary.

Stan Nze saw how miserable he appeared in the viral video. He couldn’t hide his discontent and pretend everything was well between them. His wife blamed it on being emotional to hide his bad mood, and he felt sad knowing he couldn’t express the truth. My wife and I have had several disagreements because you know you dey vex, I dey vex, I no gree today.


We went to church on our anniversary without saying anything. We arrived at church and had a community of supporters who arrived with money, cakes, and trays of food outside the chapel. I apologize for being late since I wasn’t in the mood. I was upset because she posted the video, and I couldn’t fake it. My wife feigned that I was upset, but the fact was that we weren’t communicating.
Their admirers pampered Stan Nze and Blessing Jessica Obasi as they celebrated their anniversary.

On Tuesday, September 14th, the couple who married in 2021 celebrated their first anniversary. Stan Nze said on his verified Instagram profile that marrying Jessica Blessing Obasi was the finest decision he’d ever made.
Mrs Nze, for her part, assured her husband of her affection. She said she loves him even more because he has kept his marital vows for a year and counting. Fans of the couple lavished them with gifts in honour of their anniversary. Stan Nze and Blessing went to church to celebrate their anniversary, unaware of their supporters’ plans.

The couple was caught away when their admirers showed up outside the church with delicious food and gifts. The couple was served a smorgasbord of food, frames, money cakes, and other goodies.

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