Olivia Pratt-Korbel: A Record Reward Offered To The Person That Hunts The Killer


According to the latest news reaching the news media, a two hundred thousand euros whooping reward has been laid down for the person who is searching for the person that killed Korbel.

The incident

Olivia Pratt Korbel is 9 years old when she was shot during a struggle. It happened that two men burst into their home in Liverpool. The event happened on the 22nd of August.

Double reward

Korbel’s death is a very painful incident and even an extra reward was added for the search process. Motivation for the new amount of money as a reward came when the details of the guns used in shooting Korbel were revealed.

The police vowed to lay hold of the person behind Olivia Korbel’s death. According to reports, the reward added is fifty thousand euros with the one at stake previously totalling one hundred thousand euros. The person behind this reward is a private donor but the reward was given on behalf of the Crimestoppers founder “Lord Ashcroft”.
This given reward will be given out when a piece of information leading to the conviction of Korbel’s killer is revealed.

So far with the investigation, a number amounting to 9 people have been arrested but no charges have been brought against them.


Back in the days

Dating backwards, Korbel’s mother was shot in the wrist. This is a result of her trying to shut the door at the person who was chasing and shooting another man. The shoot continued til the bullet hit Olivia Korbel, a schoolgirl. The bullet didn’t hit any other part of her body but her chest. In the dovecot area, those men weren’t known by the family of the deceased.

The police officers in Merseyside have revealed two weapons used by the killer. The weapon used is a 38 revolver which has the power to give a fatal shot. Since the series of shots was between two people, a 9mm pistol was also used that night. The pistol is a Glock-type self-loading. During the investigation, detectives have seen that pistol is used in the other attacks that occurred in Dovecot within the interval of two years.

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Two occurrences of incidents

On 27th January 2020, the first case was at Wimbourne. The 19-year-old man was gunned down at the front door. On August 8 before Korbel’s death in finch way. This case happened just a short leg walk to Korbel’s home. It all happened just two weeks before Korbel’s death.

The event

It all started with two rival groups in cars. Gunshots are being heard between motorbikes near playing fields. The investigation took its time to up to fifteen thousand hours. CCTV cameras are being checked for more than 400 pieces of intelligence by the public.

The incessant crime within the community has been toxic to the city and so Det Ch Supt Mark Kameen said they are targeting them. He continued by saying these toxic people have crossed the line by shooting innocent people which Korbel was among. He said responsibilities are placed on the shoulder of the people to put them behind bars. People revealed where the guns were kept as to the detective’s order. Pieces of evidence surrounding it hold that it could still be in the Dovecot area.


Korbel’s funeral

It was revealed that Korbel’s funeral was held on Thursday at a location called St Margaret Mary’s church. This place can be located easily because it’s just a mile away from where the shooting event happened.


A huge reward will be granted when the culprits of Korbel’s death are brought to the book. According to the news, a reward of two hundred thousand euros has been laid down. The victim was nine years of age when gunned down as two gunmen were shooting at themselves. In the incident, the child’s mother was shot in the wrist.

An initial fifty thousand euros was placed as a reward by a private donor, and another fifty thousand was added making it a hundred. It will be paid immediately after information leading to catching the killer is revealed
Korbel’s death was a very distasteful one and people are bittered about it. Everyone is working hand in hand to bring the culprit to book

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