Oli London Apologizes To Park Jimin

oil london

British popular YouTuber and Influencer Oli London have now publicly sent her request for forgiveness to BTS star Jimin and the Asian community after undergoing a lot of operations just to become like the Korean star.

Oli London Wants Asian Community To Forgive Them

London has received a lot of criticism for his comments in which he identified as a transracial Korean. Oli London suggested they have gone through 32 operations, including eye surgery, nose jobs, and forehead lift, to look like Jimin.

London, this week released a YouTube video in which he apologized for trying to be like Jimin. In the video, Oli London said that it was wrong of him to try to emulate Jimin in such an obsessive manner. He said he only just realized that it wasn’t a good thing to do.

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London also said that they were a victim of bullying while in school, which made him lonely and unloved and is now affecting their esteem and birthed the issues of identity now. They said they wanted to model themselves on Jimmin because they felt it would make them happy. London also said that they recently got married and testified that marriage helped a person to grow. In the video, Oli London said they want to love and be themselves.

London said the apology was for Park Jimmin and any member of the Asian community that misunderstood their thoughts and aspirations. London also said they still identify as Korean, adding that nothing will change that. Oli London announced that he was Korean in a video uploaded in June last year.

Oli London declared that their pronouns are they/them and want to be identified as Korean and Jimmin. London said he doesn’t identify as British, which makes many misunderstand him.

London has also said that they are constantly being bullied, and the level of bullying keeps rising daily. They stated that they are abused on an insane level which he cannot understand. He describes the malice towards him as horrifying. He has, through different media, tried to make people he feels not understand him.

London has never hidden their love for Korea on the internet, especially through social media. London has more than sixty-three thousand subscribers on YouTube and over a million on TikTok, using his platform to post about K-pop stars, making their sound with heavy Korean influences and documenting the changes in their appearance.

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