Olalade Asake causes commotion in the streets of Ghana as he sprays money on the ground with Black Sheriff

Olalade Asake

Ahmed Olalade Asake, an aspiring artist, was in a car with Ghanaian musician Black Sherif when he started a money spray. This made people in Ghana scramble for a lot of cash.

In the video, the “Sungba” singer and Black Sherif were seen sitting on top of an SUV while a crowd of people followed them and cheered for them.

Olalade Asake, being the nice and kind person that he is, threw some money into the air. As expected, some people had trouble getting their hands on the money.


Asake sprayed his lookalike colleague Googo with cash on Day 2 of the music festival Afrochella, and a short video shows what happened. At the time, Olalade Asake was dancing very hard. In the video, the young man rushed to the stage and started dancing right away, getting cheers from the crowd.

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Asake reached into his pocket, took out his wallet, took out a few dollar bills, and started throwing them at the man. The man made sure to catch all of them since it was clear that Asake was moved by the show.

Googo is a well-known dancer in Ghana. He is known for copying Asake in many ways, including how he dresses and moves.

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