Nury Martinez “Los Angeles City Council President” Resigns Post Over The Racist Comment She Made

nury martinez

A series of bombshell audio clips have been heard by the Los Angeles city council. Nury Martinez stepped down from her post after making a racist comment about her colleague’s black son, she called him a little monkey’. Among other racist remarks she has made, this one made her soul melt within her.

Nevertheless, Nury Martinez apologized for what she said in the October 2021 remark during a meeting with council members. In light of what she has done, she resigned from her position on Monday.

nury martinez

Nury Martinez Speaks

Nury Martinez said I take full responsibility for what I have said and there are no excuses for those racist comments, I am so sorry.

She continued, in the end, my apology is not the most important but the actions I take from this moment on. I hope you would give me the chance to make amends. Therefore, effective immediately. I resign as the president of the Los Angeles city council.

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nury martinez

Nury Martinez Racist Comments: The Leak Of The Audio

The LA city politics was in turmoil on Sunday after the leak of the audio which gives a glance inside the political process in America’s largest city ahead of the Mayoral election which is to hold in November.

The Latino leaders can be heard in the leaked audio denigrating various group constituents as they try to determine how to use the redirection technique to secure political powers. The person that made the recording wasn’t clear, but it was first released on Reddit by a user who has been suspended says the LA Times. Knock LA has published the clips.

It was revealed in the recording that Nury Martinez called a fellow council member in the person of Mike Bonin a “little bitch. In the clip, she was heard talking about an incident in which sights Bonin’s two years old son bouncing off and said he was hard to control.

nury martinez

You can do nothing to control him, she said and goes on to say that he looks like a little monkey. She also said it is black and brown on this float and the boy needs a beatdown. She broke into laughter in some seconds when saying let me take him around the corner and I will bring him back.

De Leon purports that the way Bonin handled the case of the child was likened to when Nury Martinez brings her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag. George Gascón Matinez said, ” Fuck that guy, he is with the blacks”.

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