Nord Stream pipeline: Ramp up security around oil and gas installation says the European countries

Nord Stream pipeline

There was suspected sabotage of the two major Nord Stream pipelines, the European countries opined that they will upgrade the guard around oil and gas.

Nord Stream pipeline suggested damages

The Nato Europe and the united states allegedly suspected damage to the pipeline. This damage was made to the pipeline between Russia and Germany and these countries said they are suspecting it is deliberate. This has not given them an open space to blame Russia head to head.

The united states were tackled by Russians as they said they weren’t involved but edged down the united states by asking if they were involved instead.

Nord Stream pipeline: Previous accusations

It is stated that the Russians have been accused of using gas supplies as a weapon in the previous years. This weapon is meant for the western region because they supported Ukraine.

Nord Stream pipelines 1 and 2 leaks

Surfacing now is the leaks found on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. It is stated that it was discovered on Monday and Tuesday.

When Russians invaded Ukraine Nord stream 2 was abandoned, nevertheless, the other pipeline was not in operation at that period. It was recorded that Nord Stream 1 had a need for maintenance in September giving the Russians an opportunity to shut it down.

Even after the cessation of the use of both, the pipelines were full of gas.

Nord Stream pipeline: Investigation launched

An investigation has been launched about the alleged sabotage of the major pipeline. Dan Jorgensen opines that the leaks probably have lasted some days which he specified to be a week. Remember, that Dan Jorgensen is a Danish energy minister.

If after investigation, the attack is proved deliberate Ursula Von der Leyen gave his word that they will give the strong possible response to the situation.

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Vladimir Putin spokesman

The Russian president’s spokesman Dmitry Pedkov cleared the air of the sabotage accusations. He said it was absurd, stupid and predictable.

The spokesman added that he was concerned when he heard about the leaks but he said, it cannot be completely ruled out that there is not a possibility of a deliberate attack.

Nord Stream pipeline to be guarded

The largest Europe gas supplier Norway said it will match down its armies to protect the important building. This he decided on after the alleged attack. Jonas Gahr Stoere the prime minister made known to the news conference giving that the military that will be at the oil and gas installation will be no more visible. He tolls forward that any attack seen will be fought concurrently with allies.

Police should increase their presence at the onshore facility while the navy will be deployed to the offshore installations. An energy company Equinor said it has stepped up security measures. This was said on Wednesday. Jens Stoltenberg opined that he had opened a discussion of protecting the infrastructure with the minister of defence which is Denmark. This country is seen to be very close to the damage.

The united states are not left behind in this matter as the white house national security adviser said they would help in safeguarding Europe’s energy.

Nord stream pipeline

Nord Stream pipeline: what happened

It is made known that Nord stream pipeline 1 is made of branches. It is seen that it stretches from the Russian coast which the Baltic sea is underneath and it is near St Petersburg northeastern Germany which is around 745 miles.

It was reported by the seismologists that there was an underwater blast before the leaks were seen. The footage was released by Denmark’s defence and it shows bubbles at the surface of the Baltic sea. The national seismologist in Sweden said there is indeed an explosion after seeing the footage.

A deep explanation was made by mike Fulwood to the BBC about how the leaks came about. He is a trusted researcher from the independent university of oxford institute for energy studies. He said to rift an offshore pipeline, 3 in 18hrs would be a great coincidence because such a thing is rare. He concluded that if it is caused by the Russians, he said it could be an inexplicable move. This he said in light of Russians haven shut off supplies



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