Nkechi Blessing Cautions Fans Buying Fake Followers And Applauds Her Colleagues

Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood film producer and actress – Nkechi Blessing has warned her followers to stop buying fake followers to boost her social media accounts.

Nkechi Blessing Cautions Fans Buying Fake Followers And Applaud Her Colleagues

The surge, she says, is because she promised to give five hundred thousand Naira as a giveaway once she gets 500,000 followers on her new Instagram page. Nkechi Blessing recently posted a video where she unfollowed most fake followers that have crowded her page since she revealed her intention to give away cash.

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She said, “Just because I said if I get to 500,000 followers, I will drop 500,000 Naira for a giveaway, you people have now increased my followers from nowhere. Please, whoever is buying followers for me, I plead with you in the name of GOD TO STOP. I don’t understand this type of rubbish. I am growing this page slowly and don’t want any rush. I repeat, I DO NOT need fake followers. I have never bought followers. Do not allow thunder to strike you, Abeg. I am not interested.”

Nkechi Blessing, before now, had defended her colleagues who were finding their ways into the political terrain. In a video making rounds on the internet, Blessing said those mocking her colleagues for joining politics are hypocrites. According to Nkechi, when tragedy happens in any part of the country, Nigerians usually call on celebrities to speak about the situation.

She said that although celebrities are not only lending their voices but now also getting active in politics, many Nigerians are mocking them for the move.

The actress said, “Some Nigerians are hypocrites. If anything goes wrong here, maybe it is a case of kidnapping or murder, you all will be yelling, ”where are our celebrities?’’, ‘’they are not speaking now, ‘they’ve paid them for silence,’ ‘blah blah blah.’

“The famous people you constantly call for help when injustice is committed not only lend their voices, but they also get involved in politics. Then you guys changed the rant to, ‘You think this is Nollywood?’, ‘Is politics a joke to you people?’

The actress said she is “super proud” of her colleagues involving themselves in politics, especially women contesting as deputy governors. Nkechi Blessing stated, “I’m happy and very proud of those celebrities who have involved themselves in politics right now, most especially the women who are contesting for governors because they want to address the things and make improvements from the inside. With the 2023 general elections in mind, several Nollywood entertainers have thrown in their intention for various political positions.

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