Neymar Prosecutors drop fraud charges concerning his Barcelona transfer

Neymar Prosecutors drop fraud charges

Neymar Prosecutors drop fraud charges

The Spanish prosecutors who were investigating allegations of bribery and fraud against Neymar have decided to terminate their investigations.

The Brazilain and PSG striker, as well as other individuals implicated in a trial over his move from Santos in Brazil to Barcelona Fc in 2013, were all laid charges.

The prosecutor’s original request for the 30-year-old defendant was for a prison sentence of two years and a fine of 10 million euros (8.6 million pounds).

However, they made an announcement that charges will be dropped “against every accused person for all the claims” that they had been subjected to. Neymar’s parents were involved, in addition to Neymar’s parents were the two clubs Santos and Barcelona and their former presidents.

Neymar denied the allegations and stated that he did not recall taking part in the discussions.  In 2011, the two clubs were able to come to an agreement for his relocation from Brazil to Spain, which was ultimately carried out in 2013.

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The investment company DIS, which paid two million euros to purchase a forty per cent stake in Neymar’s rights when he was seventeen years old, has stated that it lost money on the deal because the transfer cost was underestimated. Paulo Nasser, an attorney for DIS, said that there were teams that offered up to 60 million euros for Neymar at that time.

During the time that Neymar was being transferred, Barcelona said that the transfer cost was 57.1 million euros, of which a sum of 40 million euros was given to his family. The investment company DIS then earned a 40% part of the remaining 17.1 million euros that was paid to Santos.

DIS requested that Neymar serve a prison sentence of five years, as well as prison terms for the then Barcelona presidents, in addition to a fine of 149 million euros. The prosecution asked for a sentence of five years in prison for Rosell (one of Barcelona’s presidents at that time} in addition to a fine of 8.4 million euros for the Spanish club. They also asked that Neymar be sentenced to two years in prison in addition to a fine of 10 million euros.

However, the legal firm that represents Neymar and his family, said that Spanish courts cannot punish Neymar and his family due to the fact that the actions in question were carried out by Brazilian citizens outside of Spain.

They also said that the claimed offences were not punished in Brazil, which was another issue that was made.

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