Pele’s funeral – Brazilians accuse Neymar of being absent

Pele's funeral

The striker for Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, didn’t go to Brazil to pay his respects at Pelé’s funeral last week

Neymar used to play for Santos, just like Pelé, and he was very close to the Brazilian legend, who many thought of as his successor. Because of this, he was expected to be in Brazil for a national tribute to Edson Arantes do Nascimento. At last, Neymars father represented him at Peles’s funeral.

The daily Le Parisien got information that said, “The Parisian club is counting on its player for the next deadlines, while the start of 2023 is a very busy time on the calendar.” Given how many games Paris Saint-Germain has in January, it wouldn’t have made sense for Neymar to take a quick trip to Brazil at this point in the season.

Neymar’s Dad Neymar Sr. also made a statement inside the Santos stadium to explain why his son was not there. “Everyone in the family and all of us are having a hard time right now. We’ve lost a lot of people, and today is a day to show how much we care about the family. We are where we are now because of how he inspired so many people and the sport. People of all ages find him inspiring, and he has always been a point of reference. Since this is the case, my son has asked me to represent him instead.” In an interview with the local press, Neymar’s father said. Words were said, but they weren’t enough to make Brazilians feel better in their anger towards Neymar.

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Neymar is being criticised for not going to Pelé’s funeral

In fact, the Brazilian news media had a bad opinion of Neymar because he didn’t go to Pelé’s funeral. On the set of the Brazilian TV show Brasil Urgente, the host, José Luiz Datena, was heard criticising Christophe Galtier’s player very harshly. Since he has already asked the club several times to come to parties, there is no reason not to ask PSG to say goodbye to Pelé. As a Brazilian football player, I think it was important for Neymar to pay his respects to Pelé by going to the funeral home where he was laid to rest. The journalist auriverde said, “It was important for Brazilian football.” It was important.



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