Naira Marley has been accused of being a narcotics trafficker

The internet has been flooded with photographs and videos of Naira Marley and his record label signee, Mohbad, for many days. The “Soapy” singer is now accused of being a narcotics trafficker. Mohbad, whose true name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, had previously accused and stated why Naira Marley and his crew assaulted him.

Mohbad, who is signed to Marlian Records, can be seen in the video with evident injuries and wearing a white singlet. He said he was assaulted because he demanded a manager change.

“Just because I want to replace my manager, who is their brother, watch what they did to me at Marlian House,” he tweets. I’m not high oo because that’s what Dey usually says to calm things down. Please assist me, I’m dying within.

A similar incident occurred earlier this year, but it was immediately suppressed. Naira Marley claims she never hit Mohbad. Naira Marley, the owner of Marlian Records, replied to the claim by calling the event a “family matter.”

In an Instagram live video response to the matter, Naira Marley said that Mohbad was probably “high” (drunk) when filing the complaint.

He (Mohbad) is obviously not in his right mind. He is clearly not in the appropriate frame of mind. Because why would I, or anybody else, touch Mohbad? he asked.

Mohbad has a habit of being inebriated, which impacts his emotions and actions, according to Naira Marley on his Twitter profile. #ImNotPerfect. All concerns, however, will be settled peacefully inside the record label. In another tweet, he stated, “I need my bro Mohbad to come on live so u people can see I don’t have any motives to lie to him.”


Naira Marley is accused of being a drug trafficking Lord by Gistlovers. Gist loves, a popular Instagram gossip writer, has accused Naira Marley of being a drug kingpin. Naira Marley, according to gist fans, employs his record label signees to peddle narcotics, and when they refuse to perform his dirty work, he assaults them.

naira marlay

See the following post on Naira Marley:

Gist lover captioned the image, “Dear Naira Marley, waka jeje, I come in peace.”

Netizens respond

In response to the claim, one Vivian Iheoma stated, “People truly get away with a lot in this nation.” Meanwhile, Oba, please choose my younger sister for the scholarship. She has been stuck at home for a long time, with little possibility of furthering her studies owing to a lack of funds. Because our father is late, we are without assistance. I pray that God’s blessings are always with you.

According to Ego Oyino, Is it true, after all? So Mohbad was telling the truth a few months ago when he stated his life was in danger and that if anything happened to him, the public should hold Naira Marley and his boys accountable… Everything is getting clearer now.

“Chai things that happen for our country ooh,” one Matilda Opeyemi commented.

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