Naija actress Ruth Eze has two reasons to be thankful today

ruth eze

As she survives her death, the scriptwriter/actor is grateful. Ruth Eze took to Instagram to post a video of her ceiling POP that fell on her bed.

POP (Plaster of Paris) is a popular material for artificial ceilings, accent decors, and trimmings. If the actress had been on the bed at the time of the sad occurrence, she might have been seriously injured or killed. Ruth Eze wrote in thanksgiving to God.

There is no weapon made against me. Opuruiche Ruth Eze will always succeed… My chi will never let them prevail since he who keeps me will never sleep or rest. In other developments, Nollywood star Melvin Oduah celebrated Thanksgiving after surviving a horrific car accident. On his Instagram account, the actor revealed the news and expressed gratitude to God for preserving his life.


With the photographs he uploaded online of the automobile, there was little question that the actor had narrowly avoided death since his car had been severely damaged beyond repair. Thank you, Jesus, he captioned the post.

More on Ruth Eze

Ruth Eze is a Nigerian film actress, model, entertainer, film producer, and established entrepreneur with a net worth of $300,000 as of this writing. Ruth Eze is a talented and clever actress well recognized for her fantastic performance in the Nigerian film business. She has been in hundreds of films to date.

Ruth Eze was born and raised in Nigeria. She was born in Delta State and is a native of Imo State in South Eastern Nigeria. Ruth Eze is a business administration graduate who began performing while still in school. She has created a reputation in Nigeria’s film industry, sometimes known as Nollywood.
Ruth Eze’s career spans almost a decade, and she has appeared in over 100 films while receiving several prizes and recognition.

Ruth Eze’s Private Life

Ruth Eze is a skilled and intellectual actress who enjoys performing, storytelling and reading the Bible. In addition to her acting profession, Ruth Eze has a fashion company and a beauty shop.
In an interview, Ruth Eze said that Genevieve Nnaji, an actress, gets her wet. As a result, Ruth Eze was instantly labelled a lesbian, and her partner abandoned her.

I do not identify as a lesbian, nor do I ever plan to do so.. My mother is an evangelist and a committed Christian. I’m not going to be a lesbian. Because of the interview, I ended a four-year relationship. I never mentioned that; all I said in the discussion was that I adored Genny and continue to do so. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t pass judgment on anyone, lesbian or not. It is between you and God since the Bible instructs us not to judge.

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