Mr Macaroni – Investigate people who ask for sex for acting roles"

Mr Macaroni

Investigate people who ask for sex for roles says Mr Macaroni. The comedian hates this action and he said it must be investigated, and necessary sanctions as be melted out as this should be frowned upon.

Mr Macaroni a popular skit maker, frowned at sex for roles. This was evident when he was interviewed by News Agency Nigeria which is located in Lagos. The skit maker said such allegations shouldn’t be swept under the carpet, he expresses his anger towards the action by saying people doing that shouldn’t go unpunished.

Mr Macaroni is popularly known for his roles as a sugar daddy in his skits. The skit maker is known for high professionalism and has grown within Nigeria, the comedian is a Youtuber and it has been a form of livelihood for him. The skit maker invented so many sweet phrases to enhance the suitability of his comedy. A must confession is that the comedian is the best. His skit is ranked as one of the best on the internet.

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Investigate! Mr Macaroni cries out

Absolutely disgusting! Mr Macaroni shows how irritating sex for roles is. The skit maker is irritated and self-disgusted about this and calls for an investigation. In his statement, he said he has always been against it, even before he attained the height of a public figure. He purported he has a series of tweet against it and he has lots of content against the same. In his statement, he said those people doing that have lost a touch with humanity.
The act, he called degrading because of how inhuman those people have been treated.

Mr Macaroni in his words seeks justice as necessary investigations must be made. He further said people should get jobs/roles based on how effective they can perform. He continued by asking a question “how many people will you sleep with”. There should be consequences for such action.

He asked the law not to turn blind eyes to the situation as justice must be made. He said further that, there should be an appropriate punishment to address the issue dominating the industry. He puts forward in his statement, that it is not just only sex but people also ask some individuals to bring money in exchange for jobs. He went further that if they had money they wouldn’t have come looking for jobs.
He concluded that we shouldn’t ruin the lives of others. Mr Macaroni expressed how sad he is to behold such an inhuman attitude.

He advised skilled individuals, he said, they should remain true to themselves and remain consistent. Upon his sad heart, he had to narrate how he started acting. Mr Macaroni says he began acting as far back as 2010. He said people starts to recognize his talents in 2019. Don’t push too hard, wait for your time, he said emphatically.

He advised people not to believe that you have to sell your body to get to any height. He agreeably said that people shouldn’t do anything inappropriate to get to any position. He prayed that individuals will get to their desired destination.

Investigating the matter is what the skit maker said. Apprehend those who fall victim to this offence and never leave any stone unturned. The life of many has been jeopardized because of this act. Do not sell your body or do anything illegal for any purpose, your body and your life are precious.

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