Missing Quinton Simon Is Dead, His Mom Is The Prime Suspect, Says Georgia Authorities

Quinton Simon

A twenty-month-old son “Quinton Simon” who is reported missing is dead, says Georgia officials on Wednesday night.

Missing Quinton Simon: Chatham County Police Tweeted

It was verified on tweeter that they confirmed Quinton Simon’s mother be the prime suspect in the disappearance and death of the child. Nevertheless, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

The Police Said;

We are saddened to let you know that the CCPD and FBI have confirmed to Quinton Simon’s family that they believe he is dead.

In the police statement, there were no additional details or reasons they believe the boy is dead. Police said Quinton was reported missing from his home to an unincorporated part of the country near the Savanah region on October 5.

The police on Wednesday evening said; we know that a lot of people around the world will be so sad about what has happened and we share your sorrow. No additional statements will be made until the police department hold its news conference which would be on Thursday.

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Missing Quinton Simon Is Dead

Quinton’s mom was reported not to have an attorney since it wasn’t clear. On Wednesday night, a phone number for her was not quickly seen. Chatham County District Attorney’s office did not respond on time to the request for comment.

Jeff Handley ‘Chatham County Police Chief’ says that we have conducted multiple interviews, executed different search warrants and stormed numerous areas while in search of Quinton. The FBI couldn’t hold itself back since it is a missing case.

The police on Tuesday said it had seized evidence which they believe would help but details if the evidence wasn’t revealed.

Quinton Simon

The police chief said Quinton’s mother’s boyfriend reported seeing the baby around 6 am on October 5. Nevertheless, the same day the toddler’s mother woke up and declared the child missing at 9:39 am.

The case can be said to be partially solved and at the same time fully solved since the child has been declared dead. We believed evidence as regards the child’s death should be brought forward. If evidence is not seen, there is a likelihood the boy is still alive.

In that case, the case is not fully solved. The police should provide every detail as regards what is happening so that proper action will be taken. So far, the efforts of the police are appreciated and we believe every mystery will be made known and every puzzle solved.

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