Mikel Arteta Has Received Plaudits For Not Offering “A Hundred Excuses” Like Jose Mourinho

Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta has been compared to Jose Mourinho after Arsenal stopped FK Bodo/long-winning Glimt’s home run in Europe.

The Gunners defeated the Norwegian champions 1-0 at their Aspmyra Stadion. Last season, they defeated Mourinho’s Roma twice, including a 6-1 win in the Europa Conference League group stage.

Mikel Arteta Compared To Jose Mourinho

After defeating the Italians in the quarterfinals, there was a brawl between the benches following the game, and a former Chelsea and Manchester United player later blamed the “plastic turf” for the knee injury suffered by defender Gianluca Mancini. Arteta, however, was all praise for the Norwegians following Arsenal’s victory.


After Arsenal broke FK Bodo/long Glimt’sp winning streak in Europe, Mikel Arteta was compared to Jose Mourinho. Before the Gunners’ 1-0 victory, the Norwegian champions had won their previous 14 games at Aspmyra Stadion.

The Spaniard praised them, saying they deserved praise and he warned him before the Emirates match that they were an excellent team and would give him trouble. He continued that there are no excuses, but the pitch’s conditions are another area where it was obvious that they couldn’t keep up.

Mikel Arteta

When informed of Mikel Arteta’s remarks, Bodo/Glimt CEO Kjetil Knutsen responded It’s nice. English folks are friendly and skilled at praising others. Glimt said that it was important for them to remember and he believed they were competitive with them today and he believes they realize that. Additionally, Glimt believes he recognizes the strong similarities between the teams and they share his enthusiasm for Arsenal’s style of play.

Glimt said that he hasn’t spoken to Mikel Arteta because he is playing the game and working hard. He also said when they first met Roma, things were different and one hundred reasons were offered. He said that a very different attitude has emerged and respect for one another is required, and that is how it ought to be. According to Glimt, he is hoping they will get the chance to go to Arsenal and acquire some ideas.

This year, Knutsen’s name has been connected to positions at Burnley, Blackburn, and Brighton after he helped Bodo of the Norwegian second level win two league championships. Glimt said that the best football in the world is played in England, and future events are unpredictable. 

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