Migrant workers in Qatar were deported after a wage protest

Migrant workers

After a wage protest, migrant workers has been deported from Qatar. They protested about unpaid wages as the country sets to prepare for the football world cup coming in November.

Some workers had not been paid for seven months, 60 workers on average protested outside Al Bandary International Group Doha offices. This was on the 14th of August. Many protesters were detained and migrant workers were deported, although, the information wasn’t known to many people. Those people deported were said to have breached the security laws.

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A wave of construction of infrastructure, and stadiums was a result of the world cup won in 2010. How Qatar has treated migrant workers is unfair and questions have started arising. The Al Bandary group is a predominant construction and engineering firm. The organisation did not comment as it is not known if the group was part of the world cup preparations.

Several protesters have been detained because there was a breach of public security laws, this was mentioned in the statement to the BBC. Migrant workers who failed to maintain peace face deportation while some have left the country. All salaries and benefits will be duly paid, says the government of Qatar. The group was already under investigation for not paying their worker’s salaries.

Equidem marked the worker’s case. Mustafa Quadri tells the BBC that Qatar and FIFA had never been duped. There is no moral in a country that still punishes people for saying their minds.

Migrant workers who have suffered human right abuse is set to be compensated

Migrant workers that protested are from; the Philippines, Nepal, Egypt, India and Bangladesh. The police officers told the protesters that, if they can protest in hot weather, they can sleep without air conditioning too. Quadri who had been in touch with the workers was told all this. Imagine how desperate workers must be, when they protesters at 42 degrees. These people are begging to be paid.

Migrant workers

Migrant workers have been reported earlier this year to die of heat stroke of which it is said that, Qatar is undercounting the numbers of such people. Compensation funds of at least 440 million dollars were set up by the organisation for international football for migrant workers who have suffered human rights abuse.

A decline in commenting by the government spokesman world cup organizing committee on the AI Bandary protest. No response was made, after a request for comment was added. 96% of workers were secured by the wage protection system in which employers are to transfer wages through Qatari banks within seven days of their due date. Migrant workers have suffered a lot and decisions had been made for the whole case to be duly checked and investigated optimally.

Qatar accused of under-reporting death of migrant workers

Migrant workers who died of heat stroke were undercounted. Extreme heat is affecting people, especially migrant workers who went there to support their families by providing food to the table.
There were many deaths that should be recorded, but Qatar was found to give few reports about it.

Wrapping up

It is to be understood that migrant workers have suffered abuse in Qatar and the FIFA team has planned to give the affected people some money. Many people died during the killer heat in Qatar, but few people’s death was reported.

It is to be noted that the AI Bandary group did not comment as to why the people have not been paid. Due investigations are been carried out to checkmate the reason for the delay. The workers in the country protested and were arrested because of breaching the law. People can’t express themselves anymore, migrant workers were deported.

The migrant workers were seen to come from diverse places to support their families, some of which are; India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal and the Philippines. Instead of deportation, the migrants should be attended to and given proper and adequate care. Some of them were reportedly seen fleeing the country before getting deported.

The Qatar government says it will pay all delayed salaries and benefits to the people affected. Further actions are been taken after a deadline to settle payment has been reached.
The AI Bandary group is a construction and engineering company. It is believed that payment will be issued as soon as possible.

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