Micah Richards Was Shocked By Kate Abdo’s “Cold-Blooded” Champions League Debut

Micah Richards

Micah Richards was taken off guard on Tuesday night when Kate Abdo criticized his lack of Champions League success during CBS’ broadcast of the competition in the United States.

Along with Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher, the former Manchester City player provided commentary on the European action. Kate Abdo, a former Sky Sports presenter, was hosting the show while Liverpool and Tottenham were both in action.

Micah Richards Responds To Kate’s Cold-blooded Champions League Debut

The show began with Kate Abdo introducing her guest. Kate introduced her guest as Thierry Henry the Champions League winner with Barcelona,  Jamie Carragher the Champions League winner with Liverpool, and Micah Richard the man with five appearances in the Champions League.

Micah Richards


Micah Richards was unprepared for the cruel jab, but as always recognized the humour in the situation, and he answered her by saying that he found what she said cold-blooded.

When she continued by inquiring about his Champions League record, the former City player,  Micah Richards admitted that it wasn’t great. Of his five Champions League games, the former England international only triumphed in two of them.

Micah Richards stated in his defence: “As a fresh team, we were approaching it. Observe our current location. The foundations were being laid.” Along with his win-loss record, he noted, “We played some major teams there, Bayern and everything, but I don’t want to talk about it.”

Micah Richards made his Champions League debut at the Allianz Arena in 2011, when City fell to Bayern 2-0. His time competing in Europe’s premier club competition would come to an end when he permanently left his childhood club in 2015 and moved to Aston Villa after spending time on loan at Fiorentina. He had struggled to establish himself as Etihad’s first choice, which he now regrets.

Before, he disclosed to Kickback that he regretted leaving Manchester City because he ought to have stayed there but what’s the point if one is not going to participate? He said that If he hadn’t already won the Premier League or any hardware, he probably wouldn’t have committed to a contract till he did.

Micah Richards

According to Micah Richards, he had to go since Zabaleta was the top pick and his pain continued as he wrote this. He also stated that he received a five-year offer to remain and he firmly believed that Pellegrini intended to keep him to fulfil the team’s English requirement and employ him when Zabaleta needed a break.

Richards said that Zabaleta solidified his position as the best and it was difficult to accept. He also said that his (Richard’s) biggest regret is having to go, but he was forced to.


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