Mexico Earthquake Today: Western Coast Of Mexico Shook Due To The Earth’s Tremor

Mexico earthquake

As Mexico marks the earthquake anniversary which killed thousands of people, the Mexico earthquake today shook the whole city as the event re-occurred. The western coast of Mexico including Michoacan and Colima was hit by a powerful Mexico earthquake giving a magnitude of 7.6. As records have it, only one person was killed.

Mexico earthquake: warnings against tsunami

The United States officials warned the Mexican’s western coastline of an impending tsunami. The warning came from the United States Pacific Tsunami that its waves have reached 3meter which is up to 9 feet above the tide level and could hit the western coast before morning. The earthquake came from an intense depth of 15 kilometres which is 9.32 miles. This occurred near the town of La Placita de Morelos.

Mexico earthquake today: order laced after the event

A must evacuation order was laced in Mexico after the terrible earthquake. A report reaching the news media from Mayor Claudia says there had not been any damage report so far.

A resident of the area in which the earthquake surged says the strong shakes felt terrible. A tweet given by president Andrés Manuel López flags that he has spoken with governor Alfredo Ramirez and was told that there were only reports of material damage in the region. Before the recent quake, López Obrador raised ceremonial flags to commemorate the then victims.

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Mexico earthquake: 1985

It was recorded in 1985 that there was a great magnitude earthquake a value of 8.0 which hit the capital Mexico City. Many people were killed (people more than 1000), and many buildings collapsed (only 100s). The Mexican government-run to a loss of 3 billion and 4 billion dollars. Even more, money would be spent on reparation, as things thrived to be more costly.

Mexico earthquake

In 2017

This period marked another great death as the Mexico earthquake hit hard again. It was recorded that 370 people were killed and some major buildings collapsed which is estimated to be more than 40. The Mexico earthquake happened in the city of Puebla in central Mexico. The magnitude of the tremor tolled to 7.1.

Mexico earthquake: 2017 full event report

An intense earthquake was seen shaking central Mexico which claimed the life of 200 plus people. A lot of buildings were seen to be damaged. It was recorded in this period that 30 people of which most of them are children were killed after their school collapsed. This report was made by local news media within the city.

The Mexico earthquake came to life again after 32 years. Tracing back, the earthquake killed thousands of people in Mexico 32 years ago. Mexico City is now seen to be highly prone to earthquakes because of its recent occurrences. Jonathan Amos noted that the earthquake which take place on Tuesday doesn’t appear to have any connection with the earthquake on September 7. He said that was more energetic toling to the value of 30.

Mexico earthquake: Something to note

A local business owner in Mexico says that the date of how the earthquake happened is conspicuous. He says there is something about the 19th. The local business owner is Ernesto Lanzetta.


The Mexico earthquake has been a highly devastating factor for the city. I believe many people will be scared of staying within the country. Although, the death marked this year only records damages to material things. In the previous years, thousands of people dies because of its occurrence.

The earthquake that hits this time was a magnitude of 7.1 and it happened when Mexico marks the earthquake anniversary which killed thousands of people. Nevertheless, warnings were issued by the United States of a coming Tsunami.

A must evacuation was placed on so many people to evacuate the area where the event occurred. In 1985, there was a great earthquake in Mexico that hit the value of 8.0 which killed more than a thousand people and more than one hundred buildings collapsed. In 2017, 370 people were recorded dead in another Mexico earthquake.
These vast occurrences make the people mark Mexico as being prone to earthquakes.

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