Mercy Aigbe’s mother is in hot water after her daughter accuses her of witchcraft and sets fire to her home

Dr Patience, Mercy Aigbe’s older sister, has taken dramatic measures to express her hatred toward her mother by setting fire to her mother’s home. The basis of their quarrel is Dr Patience’s charge that their mother is a witch and her use of her witchcraft activities against her in favour of her other well-liked daughter, Mercy Aigbe.

She further alleged that the older woman refused to help her repay an N800,000 debt that she had taken out and was required to compensate. Dr Pat is reported to have set fire to the residence on Adebayo Mokuolu Street, across from Anthony Village Recreation Center in Lagos. The home could not be preserved, and it was entirely demolished.

Dr Pat, Mercy Aigbe’s mother, and Mercy Aigbe Locals believe the residence belonged to their mother’s deceased spouse, for whom the old widow had just one son. She was living in the mini-duplicate given to her kid by his father, who was Dr Pat’s half-brother. The construction is distinct from the main structure in front, which has extra flats.


Mrs Aigbe is saved from death

Fortunately, the fire did not spread to the deceased man’s other children from his former marriage’s residences. After damaging the building, Dr Pat reported herself to the police. Mercy Aigbe was written with their mother as she started burning down the house. Understanding later came to the home in a black SUV to assess the damage.

Dr Pat was heard yelling that she would murder their mother before setting the fire, supporting the general public’s belief that she would have burned the older woman in the house if she had been present that morning.

According to residents, she has been demonstrating indications of mental instability for some time, and her mother is the one keeping her back. The children of the deceased man, to whom the older woman was married, are now anxious that if they do not take action against Dr Pat right once, she may return and harm their father’s reputation.

Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe’s mother becomes homeless

Mercy’s mother has no home to return to because the house has been entirely wrecked. Residents had been woken earlier in the day on Friday, September 30, by Dr Pat’s noise and yelling as she went on a rampage and smashed her mother’s car.

Her mother, who has arthritis, remained inside as her irate daughter ripped up her car and cursed at her mother.

After her daughter Mercy Aigbe had gone, the elderly lady came to assess the damage to her car’s windshield, wipers, and front and back lights. Many people looked on in horror as the agitated woman crashed the car while berating her mother and screaming at her, “destiny stealer.”

This may explain why she wasn’t home when Dr Pat came and lit the fire since she had given over the house to Mercy because she feared for her life. According to those in the know, Mercy Aigbe and Dr Pat are half-sisters with different fathers but the same mother.

Netizens Respond to Mercy Aigbe`s case

In response to the article, Amanda Chisom said, “She is on the verge of a psychiatric breakdown.” According to a gynaecologist, her fame was exploited. What did you use to do? Is she hoping to be as well-known as her actress sister? I hope they sue her and hold her accountable.

Her mother should be paid off her obligations at her age; who gives birth to a kid and still funds them at her age? What’s not to enjoy about a youngster her age causing you problems?

I heard something like this about someone who wrote one Bolatito Apatira. According to a credible source, the mother gave the daughter all the limelight over the other children, and the other children’s lives were terrible. I refused to think such Parents existed until I read this post.

One Lolafgod wrote about how it happened in her family, What some parents, especially moms, will cause among their children. My mother did the same thing with my brothers… We don’t communicate… Our children do not speak, which is beneficial to my mental health. Parents must learn how to mediate peace, love, and togetherness among their children!

Another social media user said, “She used your glory, and you are a gynaecologist, lady. You better go to a living church for real deliverance; this is more like putting a curse on yourself.”

One Certainty Anastasia stated, I’m not passing judgment or taking sides….but you see this preference thing parents have among their children when they’re young and growing up… These are the kinds of things that breed hatred and resentment between siblings when they’re older… Because how could an adult do this if not out of pent-up rage and frustration….but, once again, may we not give birth to kids that will call us witches.

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