#EndSARS Memorial: Tega blows hot at the Lekki toll gate

The memory of protestors slain at the Lekki toll gate on October 20, 2020, will live in Nigerians’ hearts, particularly families whose loved ones have become “heroes.”

The 20th of October will be remembered for many reasons, but the images of hoisting a Nigerian flag high and yet being slain will be passed down to future generations.

Peaceful protesters gathered in great numbers to mark the second anniversary of our “heroes” who gave their lives in the pursuit of better government and an end to police brutality. Other celebs turned to social media to honor the day, including musician Falz and comedian and actor Mr. Macaroni, who was sighted at the Lekki toll gate.

Tega Dominic refers to the Lekki toll gate as a graveyard

Tega Dominic, a reality TV celebrity, has referred to the Lekki toll gate as a graveyard. Tega believes that whoever issued the order to kill nonviolent demonstrators in 2020 had no excuse for doing so. Tega also stated that the Nigerian Police Force had no justification for dispersing protests during the peaceful walk to honor the EndSARS protest victims.


“Falz delivered a short, everyone was calm, singing solidarity songs, and all they did was drop the casket beside the toll gate,” she wrote. As far as I can tell, that place is a cemetery. It was a lovely stroll for our brothers and sisters, who perished at the same toll gate when an order to shoot was delivered.


“Why would you issue an order to individuals who aren’t destroying anything?” Walking alone in the graveyard to get shot at? We continue to ask questions, and you still exhibit the same characteristics. Cowards, are Nigerian youths so powerful that we keep you up at night? A complete embarrassment.

“Power display, but the nation is inundated.” Powerful display, but no adequate health-care system. Yet there is so much insecurity in the nation. You should be embarrassed by yourself.

Police use tear gas on bystanders at the Lekki toll gate

The Nigerian Police used tear gas to disperse peaceful protestors and observers at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos on the second anniversary of the #EndSARS demonstration, according to NewsGist24.

Protesters wore coffins on their heads in honour of people who supposedly perished in the October 20, 2020, tragedy before police launched tear gas canisters. The act has generated traffic congestion at the toll gate.

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