Maya Louise Chappell Beaten to Death at County Durham

Maya Louise Chappell

Maya Louise Chappell, a two-year-old died after being fatally injured in a suspected assault. The young lad was found hurt at a house in Shotton Colliery village in Shotton County Durham. She is going to be airlifted to a hospital on Wednesday at noon.

20 years old man was arrested at the scene; he was questioned on suspicion of assault with intent to cause harm. The man was released under investigation and if found guilty will be apprehended.

The doctors who treated Chappell tried their best but the little girl gave up the ghost on Friday. Nevertheless, the full details of what happened to Chappell are not yet known.

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Maya Louise Chappell Dad Tribute

It is a heartbreaking scene to see a child die before the kid’s death, it is painful and overbearing. James the father of Chappell gave a heartbreaking tribute and then wrote that it breaks his heart to write it and it saddened his heart that his kid had gained her wings. He continues by saying she was too good for this world and as a reward she has gone to play among the stars.

He said he loves his daughter Chappell so much and called her his life, his earth, idol and lots more, He said he will always look up to her and love her with all his heart. He concluded by saying Rest in Peace (RIP) baby girl.

In the last statement, the father is consumed by his darkness and pain as he greets his kid with a happy life up there. Viewers who want to pay their respects can do such via social media. He said they are welcomed and people showed up to console him.

Maya Louise Chappell

It was seen that a lot of teddies, balloons and toys were seen outside the home where Chappell was airlifted. One card among all read thus: Rest in Peace (RIP) Chappell, fly high beautiful baby. Another goes thus: sleep tight, Princess.

Rest in peace you beautiful girl, says Bev and Collin. They said, we did not know you but you have left a hole in our hearts. They concluded, resting on sweetheart. Now so many people have left notes for Chappell even though they did not know her.

She is a kid loved by many, the crowd was moved with compassion on hearing the news. It is so devastating that such could happen to a kid, since there is nothing much on her death, we will bring you the latest update about what happened during and after her death.

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