Masha Amini allegedly reported breaking police headscarf rules raises tension

Masha Amini

A woman’s death in police custody has sparked attention as the Iranians protests. Masha Amini a 22-year-old woman was said to fall into a coma last week. This happened to Masha Amini after morality police arrested her for allegedly breaking the scarf rules.

What happened

According to the news reaching the BBC, officers allegedly beat Masha Amini with the police baton. It was reported that the police didn’t stop at this point but go ahead to smash her head against their vehicles.
The police rejected the allegations made against them by saying there Is no evidence of mistreatment of Masha Amini, it was figuratively said she suffered a heart failure

Masha Amini: The bases of protest in Iran

The united states opine that they will relieve the internet curbs on Iran to bring down Tehran’s protest which was ousted by a woman’s death in police custody. The United States secretary says that the US is going to help the people of Iran by ousting them from leaving in darkness.
The united states software will allow American companies to widen their businesses in Iran. In the previous years, the Iran unrest has seen 32 people being killed.

Masha Amini

Masha Amini: Protest continued

According to the news reaching the news media, Anti-government protest has continued for a certain period. To be precise, it has gone for eight nights non-stop taking its count from Friday.
Leaving the protest, a pro-regime rally was held in Tehran and some other cities which are not mentioned here.
Anthony Blinking opined that the partial relief of the internet ban is a big step to giving tangible aid to the Iranians that are demanding tangible respect for their basic rights. Blinking added that the Iranian government is afraid of the people he governs.
The move will go against the Iranian government’s attempt to surveil its people, says the US treasury. They further said it is probably not going to have an immediate impact. This is because it doesn’t crash every tool for repressing communications.
Starlink to be activated
Due to the recent issues the Iranians are facing, the billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that he would provide internet services to Iran using his satellite internet Starlink. He said he would do this in response to Blinken’s announcement.

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Brief of Starlink

This is an interesting network arrangement for Iran. It holds that Starlink melts out internet services through a big internet network of satellites.
Starlink focuses on people living In remote communities. These people are known not to have a stable internet connection thereby making it difficult to access the internet. The billionaire Elon musk says he would provide them with high-speed internet.
Elon Musk’s company and the other things he is bringing in apart from his hardware that the updated license did not cover, others are welcome to apply for permission to the treasury says the United States.

Masha Amini: Protest footage shared on social media

Large crowds are seen to gather in different Tehran neighbourhoods after the dark. The large crowd gathered are the protesters. Nevertheless, other things also happened in the country. During the protests, women are seen taking off their hijabs, some are seen cutting their hair which is then burned up in front of the happy crowd.
The video footage of this event is posted on social media as of Friday. The protest is seen to spread fast, nonetheless, when it first started, the focus was given to western Iran. This is a result of the large Kurdish masses. This group was said to belong to Amini.

Masha Amini

Friday report

It was reported on Friday by Oshavieh in Azerbaijan (Iran’s west province). This area showed heavy protest demonstrations and the people that did it.
This fact is not yet been confirmed by the BBC.

Friday reports: video posted

It was revealed that a video was posted by Oshnavieh which showed a lot of people walking through the city streets. The police presence among them is void. People could hear loud explosions as they were marching.
The latest report has it that the protesters have taken over parts of the city of Oshnavieh in Iran province which is in west Azerbaijan.

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