Maria Belen Bernal death; body found by Ecuador authorities

maria belen bernal death

The latest news reaching the BBC holds that a young female layer body was found after going missing. This happened when she visited a police training school.

About Maria Belen Bernal’s death

The young lawyer Belen Bernal is 34 years old. She went missing ten days ago after visiting the facility in the capital Quito to see her husband. With the evidence on the ground, her husband is the major suspect since she visited him last. The husband is now on the run from the police.

Belen Bernal’s death: peoples reactions

The death of Belen Bernal has brought out people to protest since this is not the first time Ecuador has seen cases like that. It was recorded that the country has seen two hundred plus femicides in 2022.

maria belen bernal death

Belen Bernal corpse

After lots of area searches, the officials reported that her remains were found on a hill. The distance between this place and the training school is only five kilometres.

President Guillermo Lasso said

The news causes me deep pain and indignation says, President Guillermo Lasso. He speaks further that her killing/death will not go unpunished.
The president was grieved to the heart, he had to send his sympathies through his tweet.

Missing period

The news reaching the news media has it that Belen Bernal visited the facility. The time is 1 hour 30 minutes on September 11.

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Reward offered to capture Belen Bernal’s husband

Since the death of Belen Bernal, there has been a light that it was her husband that killed her and since then, her husband has been on the run from the police. Now, the government had offered a reward of twenty thousand dollars to anyone who capture Belen Bernal’s husband whose name is Lt Germà càceres. The school head has been issued a sack letter.
The husband vanished into the thin air after he had duly given the police his statement about his wife. After the statement, he was sacked from his job as an instructor at the school. The police will stop at nothing to catch him. The public is angry over how the authorities are taking the case up.
Belen Bernal’s death has led to a massive protest from women, friends and relatives in Quito. The mother of the dead lady also calls for justice.

Meaning of femicide

Femicide has been seen frequently in Ecuador and people are massively against it. Targeting a woman to kill her because of the gender she carries is femicide. Evidence supporting from Aldea foundation purports that it is invariably high.
The record has it that two hundred six women had been killed in the country. This event happened on the 3rd of September 2022. Gender-based violence has been on the hike in Ecuador. It is noted that six five out of 100 women in Ecuador have been exposed to femicide one time or the other as they are growing up says the UN. Nothing, therefore, killing women because there has a very high statistics within the country and that’s the reason for the massive protest people embarked on, on the case of the death of Belen Bernal.
Death is no joke and women shouldn’t be killed based on gender.

maria belen bernal death


Belen Bernal has gone missing after she visited her husband. On searching the entire area to some distance, her death remains were sighted. This gave a head that the woman has been killed. Recent cases of Femicide have sprung up within the country, a total value amounting to two hundred and six. Because of its recent occurrence, a protest supporting women was tolled forward and many other people joined.
Nevertheless, a whooping reward is offered to anyone who catches the Belen husband, a sum totalling twenty thousand dollars. This is to show how eager the country is, to catch this new threat with its space. Simply put, Femicide is the act of killing a woman because she is a woman. According to the Aldea foundation, there is a hike in Femicide within Ecuador.
Many women in Ecuador have been in one way or the other exposed to Femicide one time or the other in their life. Many people stand to fight for them by the stir from the death of Belen Bernal. We hope to see the case deeply rooted and solved.

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