Luisa Santos Jailed For 10 Years After Killing Teenage Waitress Over Imagined Affair

Luisa Santos Jailed For 10 Years After Killing Teenage Waitress Over Imagined Affair

NLuisa Santos knifed a teenage waitress over an imagined affair with her husband. She has been jailed for 10 years.

She ‘age 47′ was guilty of attempted murder after knifing Hannah Pritchett ’18’ in front of her customers. This incident took place at Three Horseshoes in Princethorpe located in Warwickshire.
Hannah Pritchett only survived the attack through good fortune. It was seen that she suffered deep wounds on her back and hip. This wound requires surgery and it is only narrow if she could make it.

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Luisa Santos: The Incident Narration

Hannah Pritchett had only been working at the Pub. There, she arrived for her shift just a moment ago. Hannah Pritchett has only been working for six weeks.

Luisa Santos told her husband Pedro to choose between his family and Hannah Pritchett. She emphasized there would be confrontations if she didn’t leave.

At the court, the jury was told that the lady was seen lashing eggs in a frenzy before she launched an attack on Pritchett.

On seeing her at the frenzy lashing eggs, people asked what was wrong. Her response was that it was her, she continued that he chose her over our family.

Hannah Pritchett - Luisa Santos

After this, according to Prosecutor Baldev Atwal, she claimed she went to the kitchen, got a fish knife and stabbed Pritchett’s hip while Luisa shouted “b**h, you b**h”.

It was seen that a single wound on Pritchett’s body is six inches plus deep. Fortunately, children were at the scene and they beheld as she is been chased by Luisa. She ran into a car pack where she collapsed.

The court was told she is running to her car in an attempt to save her life. Nevertheless, her buttocks weren’t exempted, after a lot of checks on her wound, the police said her wound is not life-threatening.

luisa santos

Luisa denied attempted murder but she agreed to possession of life threatening weapon and with an intent to wound. Nevertheless, Luisa was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder.

Since Pritchett wound is not life-threatening, she was treated and it is a wonderful thing that she survived the whole incident. It must have been a hard time for her as tried to get to safety.

According to the information presented to the court, she acted based on her thought about her husband choosing the lady over her.

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